Travel trends of 2021, what to expect?

The new year has started and so has speculating on the latest trends. Do you have New Year's resolutions such as exercising more, going outside more often, or "simply" living a healthier life?

We all hope for a lot of change in our lives this year. The same goes for journeys we take. Will they ever be the same again? Campspace is happy to tell you how you can prepare for the many holidays that we have been craving for a while this year.

Sustainable travel

Flight shame is something we have or hear more and more. We all unconsciously have that 'shame', because the emissions of an aircraft are extremely high. On the other hand, we were no longer able to take the plane together for almost the whole of 2020. More reason to go on holiday close to home. Such a trip not only makes it more sustainable, but also a lot cheaper. Living more sustainably is already a good New Year's resolution on itself, so why not take that decision right away? And let us, Campspace, have exactly that each year as our New Year's resolutions.

Local tourism

You may never have heard of it, but overtourism was certainly a thing at many tourist attractions such as Amsterdam, Barcelona or Venice. Several destinations are even prohibited or closed for visitors. And that is bad for those who run their business there. The word overtourism explains itself, there are so many tourists, that the residents are very bothered by it or the environment is deteriorating sharply. Covid-19 has already improved this a lot in 2020, but the expectation for 2021 is different. To avoid overload of tourists, going on a holiday locally is the solution. You help the local economies, it is close by and just as beautiful, if not more beautiful than abroad.

Book a last minute holiday

We have all experienced that our plans have been ruined by the constant changes in travel advice. It is therefore expected that we will take it safe and book our holidays last minute. 'Safe travel' is also high on the list when we think about our holiday this year. And what could be safer than going on holiday in your own country? You know the language, you know the corona status and you are close to home. Are you looking for a place in your own country? You can easily book one of the the best places in the Netherlands or any other country at Campspace last minute, because there is plenty of choice!

Our tips for your holiday this year

Of course, it remains difficult to set trends for camping for 2021. Since 2020 was one of the weirdest years yet for planning our camping trip. Nevertheless, we at Campspace have a number of tips for you, so that you can safely start your journey in a sustainable and above all fun way.

  • Wait for nice weather, or brave the cold and take the bike to your favorite destination in the Netherlands. This way you are not only staying fit, you also help the world to become more sustainable.
  • Go out together, Reconnect Outside. After such a hectic year, nothing is more fun than going on vacation with a friend, a family member or your partner.
  • Visit local eateries and shops when they are open. This way you help the local economy, and it is fun and tasty too. 😉

Find your sustainable getaway

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