No stress. No hassle. Go 'Glamping'!

Do you want to go on an outdoor adventure but don't own your own camping gear or don't feel like taking your dusty gear out of the garage? We have the solution: glamping or camp at one of our small campsites where we already have a tent set up for you!

Camping with no stress and no hassle! That's glamping. If you go glamping, you can be sure that you will not be short of anything. In the first place, you can leave your camping gear at home and enjoy the rural surroundings and the freedom of movement this entails. Glamping spots are suitable for you and your partner, but often these glamping spots are also suitable for the whole family.

Special glamping spots

What makes these glamping places so special? These camping spots are from local hosts and are often built on their own private land. You are the only one on the property and can enjoy the silence and space around you. Here you will not be disturbed by fellow campers, only by the playful dog of the landowners. In addition, these hosts can give you the best tips on the best restaurants, walking routes, and activities in the area.

Glamping spots throughout Europe

These glamping spots can be found all over Europe, perfect for a nice tour through this beautiful continent. But if you are specifically looking for one country, the links below will help you:

Luxurious camping in the Netherlands
Luxurious camping in Belgium
Luxurious camping in Spain
Luxurious camping in Great-Britain

Changed your mind and want to camp with your own gear? Check here for the most beautiful and budget-friendly Campspaces

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