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Travel Trends - Green Tourism Trends

Travel Trends - Green Tourism Trends

The past two years have changed the world as we knew it. The freedom of traveling wherever we wanted stopped, and you might wonder how this will impact future travel trends. We have gathered the most important travel trends we see.

Many of us are waiting for normality to return. But will that ever happen? And would it even  benefit us if it did? We are all waiting for the travel restrictions to be lifted, or at least loosened after having lived with corona for more than a year now. We all have travel plans and ideas that we want to realise - but what will the travel trends be in a post-covid world? 

Tourism Trends 

1. Sustainable Tourism

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new life to the existing sustainability trend and accelerated the green transformation in many countries and industries, but for a long time the tourism industry has been falling behind on this trend. It has been changing slowly, but after 2021 we believe that sustainable tourism will be increasingly popular with travelers all around the world. We all know that flying is bad for the environment but we are still doing it more and more. We do, however, see that people are more conscious about their transportation. In the past two years we have been almost unable to fly anywhere which was really good for the planet! More reason to go on holiday close to home. A local trip is not only more sustainable, but also a lot cheaper. Living more sustainably is a great choice, you can easily start by choosing to travel more sustainably!

 2. Staycations

Staycations are a hit! How much time did you really ever spend exploring your own country? We guarantee you that you will find chokingly beautiful places that you never even knew existed, and probably would never have had it not been for a lockdown. There is really no need to go far to make amazing memories. Local tourism is also a way of traveling sustainably. You avoid excess CO2 emissions, support the local economy and you don’t contribute to over-tourism.  

What is over-tourism you might be thinking now, but like the word indicates it is simply more tourists than a destination can handle, and was a huge problem at many popular travel destinations before COVID. Many destinations like Amsterdam, Barcelona and Venice experienced over-tourism before, not only meaning crowded places, but also extreme pressure on the environment, issues for locals, and often also shortage of amenities too. Covid-19 has already improved this a lot in the past couple years, but the expectation for 2022 is different. To avoid contributing to over-tourism choose a staycation, or another form of local tourism and let your own country surprise you! You help the local economies, it is close by and we guarantee you will have just as an amazing time as you would abroad. So surround yourself with people you love and we ensure that you will enjoy local tourism! 

3. Safe Tourism 

After living through a pandemic people are more aware of safety measures such as social distancing, face mask and hygienic practices to avoid contracting any disease. Accommodation needs to be safe and hygienic, no big buffet that all guests walk around and take from. Cleanliness and sanitation of common areas like kitchen, toilets, showers etc. are all very important. And no one wants to sit in an over-crowded bus.  

Choosing less crowded or non-touristy places to visit to maintain the social distance is also of increasing importance. Mini campsites and micro campings are the perfect solution to this! There are not too many people to keep distance from or share amenities with, they are mostly located in nature areas where there is never really a crowd, and you will not need to take public transport just bring your bike or rent one! It’s the perfect way to practice safe tourism!

Travel Trends Anno 2023 

4. Workations

Most of us have had to work remotely from some kind of home office at some point during the pandemic. For many, this has opened their eyes to the endless travel opportunities that working remotely offers. You can be anywhere you want, you just need some wifi and you are golden! The end of the Covid-19 pandemic will certainly not mean the end of remote home offices. You don’t have to do it permanently, but you can easily take some weeks or even months working remotely from a mini campsite, close to nature, where the stress work might be causing you from time to time at home will never be able to reach you. 

 5. Camping Holidays 

Even with the travel restrictions imposed by governments around the world, people everywhere have proven that our natural wanderlust cannot be controlled or tamed. During the Covid-19 pandemic people therefore had to find new ways of traveling. And here camping was and still is the answer to all our prayers! Camping is a great way of exploring any area that you want, particularly those that are close by! So combined with the rise of local tourism this travel trend is definitely here to stay! And the best part is that there are so many ways to camp! You can try luxurious glamping where you will have all the amenities you need and many more. You can also choose to stay in another unique treehouse, hut, wagon, or another quaint accommodation already set up at the camping spot you are going to. If you have a caravan, a camper you can bring your own rolling home with you to a nice camping spot and often sustain yourself with the most necessary things. With a tent you can often pitch it more places, and if you want to go back-to-basics then you need nothing else than what you decide to bring, otherwise you can also find many great places with good amenities ;). There is no one way to camp, you can go old fashioned, back-to-basics, or as luxurious as you want, the most important part is to get away from home, destress, and reconnect outside. 

6. Book a Last Minute Holiday

As travel regulations change all the time it’s difficult to plan a holiday. Therefore, more and more people are making spontaneous and last minute bookings. We think that this will be one of the travel trends of 2021 that will stick for some years. And who doesn’t like a spontaneous getaway? You don’t even need to go far from home, you can book a holiday or a short escape from daily life in your own country or even a neighbouring country! Just get your rolling home or tent ready, or book an accommodation on site and you are ready to go! Another advantage of holidaying in your home country is that you know all the covid-rules and regulations. If you do opt for a neighbouring country, remember to check the regulations and travel requirements - don’t want to be rejected at border control ;). Remember you can always find a great campspace in the area you want to go and make a last minute booking!

Our Tips for Your Holiday This Year

Of course, it remains difficult to set travel trends for 2022 as vaccination plans are delayed and restrictions prolonged. The past couple years have been out of the ordinary and no one knows what the future will bring. Nevertheless, we have a number of tips so you can plan a safe, sustainable and most importantly fun holiday this year!

  • Take advantage of the weekends and the holidays to get away from home and out into nature! You don’t have to go far - you can even go close to home so that you can bike there, but you will be far away from the daily stress! 

  • Try camping in all the seasons! You might think camping is only for spring and summer, but there are many great autumn and winter camping experiences waiting for you! You can brave the cold in your tent or try some accommodations on site with heating! 

  • Go with your friends, family or partner and reconnect outside together. After such a chaotic year, we all need some social time and spread our wings a little.

  • Visit local restaurants, cafés, bars and shops when they are open. This way you help the local economy and you can just enjoy the tasty food without worrying about cooking it 😉

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