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Private Campsites

Private Campsites

Would you like a whole space for yourself and a few of your closest people you care about? Sometimes private campsites are the absolute best. The campspaces below are specifically for you to enjoy!

Private Campsites

Private Campsite

On a private campsite, you can do just about all the regular things, you just don’t have to worry about noise, crowds and other disturbances! With our welcoming and friendly hosts, your camping trip can be both peaceful or wild. Deep within nature, in the safe private area of ​​one of our hosts, you can surround yourself with trees, mountains, water, or even animals. For a few days, unwind at your own private campsite.

Bamping at private campsites

We’re going back to bamping! Bamping is basic camping, and at these camping pitches, you have access to so much nature and space, that it may even feel like you aren’t staying with hosts!

No noise or light pollution so you can look at the stars, or appreciate the natural light beaming through the trees. 

Go private camping by yourself or even bring your significant other! Bring your best friend, or bring your closest family members. Enjoy the simplicity of you reconnecting to nature as you don’t need to worry about anyone hearing or seeing you. Our hosts own large spaces of land that you can either discover and have fun with different physical activities, or simply cook lovely meals and read a book. Tips on what to do in private campsites are:

  • Have a lovely picnic! Bring some tasty sandwiches, baked goods, and some nice drinks.

  • Make a campfire! Throw a big blanket over yourself, get your stick and marshmallows prepared, and enjoy a warm campfire to make your nights cozy.

  • Spot wildlife! You are truly never alone. And especially out in nature, try to spot different types of animals and plants.

  • Special activities! Check Google maps or ask your host for fun activities unique in the area. From kayaking to horseback riding, find out what is possible. 

Whatever location you choose, we as Campspace, try to offer you the best camping spots. Book your private campsite with us, and we guarantee you’ll experience privacy and intimacy with beautiful nature.

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