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Escape the city on Kingsday

If you've had one too many chaotic Kingsdays and feel like escaping the crowded city, check out these campspaces available on the 27th!

King's Day (Koningsdag) is a Dutch public holiday celebrating the king's birthday (27 April) every year. Visitors and locals take advantage of this time off by roaming the streets to browse jumble sales, drink beer, listen to music and play games.

It's tradition to wear orange and you'll often see crowds of orange-clad people having parties on the streets, in their gardens, in parks and on boats. The crowds in the city can get a bit much, so if you prefer to spend your day off with friends or family in a quieter setting, consider going into nature or even spending the night camping! You can host your very own Kingsday BBQ away from the bustle and surrounded by nature.

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