Camping trip with kids but still looking for a quiet and small campsite?! We selected the most fun small campsites where both adults and kids can have the best experience possible!

Child-friendly mini campsites make it possible to enjoy various outdoor activities together with your children in peace. Especially in the safe and pleasant environment of the mini campsites. Each campsite has its own mini-adventures that the little one can fully enjoy. Think of building his own castle from the nearest wood and/or blankets he can find. Or catching small critters and watching the larger animals that can be found on the pasture of the various farm camping spots.

The child-friendly camping experience

But finding the right place does not only depend on the children's needs, of course. It is important that you also have enough rest. and time to enjoy yourself. While your child goes on an adventure in a beautiful and safe environment, you can feast on a nice book, prepare food for dinner in the soft sun or disconnect yourself completely from the world and do nothing.

Child-friendly means more than just fun for your child. It also means a lot for his or her development. On a journey of discovery and experience nature for what it is. Learning to swim in natural water or a pool. everything is possible with space and freedom that the mini campsites offer. Especially in the creative mind of a little kid.

We recommend that you experience a lot of water fun in the warm summer months. Water fights are an absolute highlight in the minds of the young visitor. In the winter months, on the other hand, we recommend marshmallows on a warm campfire.

Does it get boring after a while? then the hosts of the campspaces can also tell you all about the best family activities. Go quad biking through the open nature areas with the wind in your hair. Go "supping" on the open water. You and your children escape the pressure of life. So plan your pleasant national or international trip to nature now and let go of your stress.

Not looking for something with kids? Would you rather go alone in peace. We got you covered with beautiful places to relax in peace.

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