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Camping in the west of The Netherlands

Camping in the west of The Netherlands

The west of the Netherlands, better known as the Randstad, is the most urban region in the Netherlands. But between the busy cities, you can find the most beautiful nature and quietness. A great place to recharge.

The west of the country, also known as the Randstad, is known for its large cities. But in between those big cities there are a few hidden gems. Micro Campsites with lots of green and space to relax. From tents to gypsy wagons, from between the trees to surrounded by water. Many beautiful places with many activities to completely disconnect from the world during your holiday.

Today many people experience stress because the world is moving faster and faster. You will probably notice that yourself. You no longer meet your deadlines, you worry about the smallest things and you never even get time for yourself. That can be done differently and it doesn't even have to be far from home.

On holiday in the Netherlands

Staying in your own country sets the bar low for taking a break, close to, yet far away from the busy world. One night and you will immediately notice that you will feel different. When you see the sunrise from your tent through the early morning mist. You slowly wake up by the sound of the birds. Then you feel the peace and space.

If you're looking for a fun and active daytime activity, the hosts are happy to help. For example, go on to the water with a boat, canoe or surfboard. Enter the water and take a refreshing dive in one of the open waters. Walk or cycle through nature landscapes. Of course it is also possible to go to the city for a day and then go back to the peace and quiet of the mini campsites.

Are you looking for different experience in the Netherlands? Then check out the pages of the North of the Netherlands or the South of the Netherlands.

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