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Camping in October

Want to go camping in October? Here is a list of campsites where you can enjoy the colourful month!

Camping in October

October is a very special month when everyone should book a campspace at least once, to truly experience the beauty of nature. Yellow, orange, red leaves, and all the colours in between, can be seen on trees, bushes and the ground. When you go camping, on a road trip, or your walk, you can experience the leaves magically fall to the ground, surrounding you and creating a vibrant blanket over the ground. 

This month is one of the best times to pitch a tent, book a cosy cabin, or even go glamping. Throw a blanket over yourself in the evening, cook one of our easy camping meals dinner ideas, and spend time with your favourite travel companions. Speaking of cosy, everyone loves a good cosy jumper. October is a great month when you can appreciate the crisp chill air, but still stay warm in a thick jumper outside. 

Camping activities in October

If sitting and reading your book, or simply looking at the incredible view of autumn isn’t enough, another amazing part about camping in October, are the activities you can do regularly. For nature photographers, this is not a month you should miss. Capture wildlife with natural warm light, natural warm colours, and soft textures. Autumn nature is simply so beautiful, you probably don’t need to edit much. 

For more active travellers, go mountain biking, go for intensive hikes through the forest or if you dare, dip into a lake and head straight to the sauna afterwards! Have fun while experiencing leaves snowing down on you and boost your immune system and physical wellbeing! 

Your golden experiences are waiting, your campspaces options are plentiful, and you don’t want to miss out!

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