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Best Travel Destinations in 2022

Best Travel Destinations in 2022

Looking for the best travel destinations for 2022? We have put together a list of best places in Europe.

Traveling with Campspace

Before you think of where you are going on holiday, ask yourself how you are going on a holiday. Are you going by plane, by car or by bike? And do you want to spend the night in a hotel or would you rather go on holiday with a tent? At Campspace, we want you to think about it, because the choice you make can have a major impact on the environment. A holiday by plane and in a hotel is a lot less sustainable than a holiday by bike and with a tent.

Also take time to think about what you are looking for during your holiday. Do you want to lie in the sun all day doing nothing, or would you rather be a bit active and in nature? Do you like an all inclusive or do you prefer to go back to basics? And do you want the kids to be free to do their own thing, or do you like to spend some quality time together? At Campspace we believe that there is nothing wrong with taking a break and planning a day of doing nothing. But our motto is to reconnect outside and thus we would like to inspire and encourage you to go out on an active and sustainable getaway with the people you love.

Best travel destinations 2022

Beautiful Places to Travel

Here you will find the most beautiful places to travel to if you want to take a holiday with Campspace. 

1. The UK

Even after Brexit it is still possible to visit Europe, but whilst in the midst of that and a corona crisis, many people in the UK went on a staycation. And why shouldn’t you? There are so many great places to visit. Cities like Brighton or Edinburgh, the coast of Cornwall and those national parks in the UK are just the beginning of a long list of places to visit. 

To experience some of the best places in the UK, follow this UK Road Trip Itinerary. You can also take your bike and follow one of those Cycling Routes in the UK. Rather making your own itinerary? Check out our campsites in the UK!

Best travel destinations Cornwall

2. the Netherlands

The main office of Campspace is located in the Netherlands and thus we know how beautiful that small country is. Despite being small, it has a lot to offer. The Frisian lakes, the wadden region, the Veluwe, the beaches of Zeeland and much more. The good thing is that you don't have to drive far for it, many places can even be reached by train. Or go Dutch and make it a cycling holiday. By camping at one of the campspaces in the Netherlands, you get to know the Netherlands in a completely different way. The nice thing is that you get to know new people, who can tell you everything about the area.

Would you like a weekend away? Opt for an overnight stay at a campspace. Or go for a glamping experience.

Best travel destinations the Netherlands

3. Germany

You can find more and more campsites in Germany on our platform. Make it a road trip and discover what the country has to offer, or choose a specific region and get to know the area well. In the north of Germany you will find a number of nice cities such as Hamburg and Bremen and a lot of countryside. In the middle you will find nature reserves such as the Harz. A beautiful mountainous area where you can do various fun outdoor activities. If you like a challenge, you can even hike naked ;). Further south, in the state of Bavaria, you will find the German Alps. The mountain peaks are not yet as high as in Switzerland, but they are very beautiful. Wonderful for a hike or mountain bike trip. 

Best travel destinations German Alps

4. France

France is still a very popular holiday destination. Not surprising, as every region is different, but just as beautiful. What makes it even better, is that you can be sure of good weather during your holiday in France. What also helps is that you can eat a lot of delicious French food. Start the day with a cup of coffee and a croissant fresh from the bakery and bring a baguette for lunch. It is of course really French to eat a nice cheese with it. Do you prefer to make more sustainable choices? Then see if you can top the sandwich with fresh vegetables from the farmers market. A glass of wine should of course not be missed, although you can also wait until the evening to uncork the bottle. During the day there is far too much to do and discover!

Best travel destinations French Market

5. Portugal

Portugal is a popular holiday destination too, although most holidaymakers opt for a city trip to Lisbon or Porto. We would like to show you that the country has much more to offer. For example, camp in the Douro Valley, visit the Evora region or admire the west coast of the Algarve. Here you can take beautiful walks or discover nature by bike. In addition, Portugal is one of the best countries in Europe for a surf holiday. Extra nice, the weather is nice here almost all year round, so also very suitable for a winter sun holiday.

Portugal is popular among camper travelers because you were allowed to camp wild for a long time. Unfortunately, that was changed at the beginning of 2021. The fines for wild camping are quite high. Fortunately, with an overnight stay at a campspace you have an almost wild camping experience!

Best travel destinations Douro Valley

So, what best travel destinations do you want to visit in 2022?

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