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Stay warm at these cosy campsites for fall and winter 🍂

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Stay warm and cosy with campfires and hot showers! Browse campsites equipped for autumn and winter.

Staying warm while fall and winter camping

When planning an outdoor holiday at a campsite during the colder months, there are several factors to consider.

  1. First, is the campsite open? Campsites in Europe are often seasonal, meaning they close when the weather starts to turn. On Campspace you'll find many non-traditional campsites run by members of the community, who don't play by traditional rules. On this page, you'll only find campsites open from October to February.

  2. Secondly, are there means to stay warm at the campsite? When you're not moving your body, can you warm it by a campfire or wood-burning stove? Can you take a hot shower before cosying up in bed? Browse the campspaces on this page, which all feature a campfire, stove or hot shower. Read each campspace's description to learn about additional measures taken to keep guests warm and comfortable!

  3. Thirdly, do you have the right gear and equipment to keep warm while enjoying nature during the day? When going on long walks or hikes, it's important to have everything you need to keep warm and comfortable. Check out our scout Rick's article on how to choose the best hiking gear. If you plan on staying in a tent at your chosen winter camping site, check out Elisabeth's article on what to bring when camping in a tent.

Make sure you're prepared for your winter camping trip – check out our short guide to winter camping for the best tips on insulated tents, gear and ways to have fun while winter camping.

Enjoying nature and an outdoor holiday is a great way to relax all year round. Travel to nearby nature reserves for refreshing autumn walks and take in the beautiful scenery as the trees change colour. Cosy up in a cabin or yurt in winter with a hot drink by the fire! There's no better way to ring in the new season ahead of fall break and Christmas break.

Whatever your style, there's something for you on Campspace. The selection on this page has been filtered to only include campsites that offer hot showers, electrical heating, campfires or wood stoves and are available to book in the fall and winter months.

If you're looking for campsites that are open in winter, have a look at them! They include beautiful and unique campspaces that are the perfect bases for long blustery walks in the forest, meadows or on the beach.

Winter camping in Europe

You may have heard the term 'wintercamping' before. More and more people are discovering the joy of camping in the winter. We love to see it, since camping in the winter is a unique experience. It's the perfect season to take it easy, retreat with your family or a few friends, go out into nature and end the day with a hot chocolate and a good book. Follow your circadian rhythm and go to bed early to recharge during your winter weekend getaway. Sometimes it can be difficult to find campsites that are open in winter, but if you've landed on this page, you need look no further. These campsites are all open and you can stay at them with a tent, caravan or camper. You can also make use of the accommodation available at the campsites. You can choose between tiny houses, yurts or glamping.

The campsites that are open in winter are not just in the Netherlands and Belgium. Denmark and Germany also have beautiful places that are open! If you want to have a warmer winter, you can go south and visit Portugal, Spain or Italy. 

Go winter camping over Christmas

There isn't a better time to reconnect with loved ones and slow down your pace than Christmas! Book one of our small scale campsites for a true winter experience during Christmas or find a cosy accommodation with woodburner or heating. If you want to visit campspaces in your campervan or bus, check out our winter-ready camper spots. Make sure to keep these tips for Christmas camping with a campervan in mind and check out Goboony's website if you're still in need of a campervan for your Christmas adventure!

Why Campspace?

The Campspace campsites that are open in winter are all unique. They are beautiful, small and cosy places where you are welcomed with open arms by the hosts. The hosts like to share their own piece of land with others because they think it is far too beautiful to keep it all to themselves. Either a farm with a large yard or garden, a food forest, an orchard or a garden with an open view. You can choose between basic campsites and more luxurious campings. Elektricity, a hot shower and a clean toilet are available on most sites. Another great thing is that they often take the environment into account. The hosts take sustainability measures so that their site does not leave too big a footprint. Measures include waste separation, solar energy and solar water heaters.  

Do you feel like going out for a while in the autumn or winter? We look forward to seeing you at one of these campsites that are open in winter!

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