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Camper sites in Spain

Looking for camper sites in Spain? These unique camper pitches can be found on small campsites, at local people's land or yards.

Going south with your camper? Then check out these motor home campsites in Spain! Ideal for both summer and winter. 

Motorhome sites Spain

These camper campsites in Spain are all located at the most beautiful spots. Don't expect a parking lot, but truly unique places, in the middle of nature. From campervan spots on the beach to camper spots overlooking the Picos de Europa.

The camper pitches are small and often situated on the private property of the hosts. Spots like the garden of an old finca, a beautiful orchard or a garden near the sea, for example. You will receive a friendly welcome from the hosts who will make you feel completely at ease and enjoy a well-deserved holiday. 

Most of the sites can accommodate campervans and larger motorhomes. If this is not the case, the host will have clearly indicated this on his or her campspace. What they have also indicated is what activities there are to do in the vicinity. Feel free to ask them about that as well, as they will be happy to tell you more. They also indicate which sustainability measures they are taking. For example, they might separate their waste and use a solar water heater. These activities are very important to us at Campspace.

Have you seen this beautiful campspace hosted by Carlos yet? Or Ana's campspace with a pool! At Sam's you can stay in the desert. Doesn't that sound cool? 

Why go to Spain with a motorhome?

Spain is a wonderful country to travel through with a motorhome. Each region is very different and it is very rewarding to discover everything. From the Pyrenees in the North, to the Costa del Sol in the South. Everything in between is also very beautiful and worth a visit. The landscape is spacious and vast and full of undiscovered beauty. The Spanish food, of course, is fantastic too. There is nothing better than plopping down on a terrace at the end of the day for a drink and some tapas. 

Spain is well equipped for travelling by camper. Should there be no possibility to empty your waste water tank at the campsite, you will not have to search for a service station for long. Spain provides many of these for it's tourists. 

What is also nice is that Spain is worth a visit all year round. In summer, it is perfect for long sunny summer days. In winter, it is ideal for escaping the cold of the Netherlands and spending the winter there. 

Which camper site in Spain would you like to visit?

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