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Camping in Vlaams-Brabant: what you should know and where to go

Camping in Vlaams-Brabant: what you should know and where to go

When deciding on camping location it is important to set priorities and goals to successfully plan a trip.

Camping in Vlaams-Brabant is widespread with different kinds of accommodation available. Belgian hosts offer farm camping, RV, cabins and just simple tents. The main benefit of Belgian camping is the fact that you can get Swiss-like nature for cheaper and also try one of the best beers in the world. This country is truly majestic and will suit all: experienced campers and first timers. But most importantly, the province has picturesque scenery and nature that will leave travelers breathless, which makes camping in Vlaams-Brabant worth your attention. 

A journey to Vlaams-Brabant.

Vlaams-Brabant, or in English Flemish Brabant is the Belgian province located in the north, near Brussels. The capital Leuven is famous for Stella Artois beers and has one of the most prestigious universities in the world. But Flemish Brabant also carries an enormous cultural heritage, and the province is filled with small spots that are definitely worth attention.

To start with, imagine yourself in medieval Belgium and how majestic it was. If you felt that urge to experience the forgotten times, there is no better place to start than with a Blue forest. The forest itself is very pretty regardless of time. But there is one particular season in the middle of spring that makes it look like an enchanted garden. In mid-April, the bluebells start blossoming, hence visually making the ground all blue. The forest awakens from the cold winter and gets filled with all the delicate aroma of the flowers. Visit this place if you feel like you are missing the untouched nature in your daily life.

Another valuable sight to visit is the Gasbeek Castle. The castle itself is quite big and famous for its unique interiors. There are Doornik tapestries on display, which are another medieval art form. The castle requires a whole day trip since the territory is located on 40 acres. You can divide the tip into two parts where you visit the castle itself and the indigenous agriculture museum. And then, visit the lake and just relax at a local coffee shop.

And if you just want to get that authentic feeling of Belgian lifestyle, visit one of the countless brewers. Vlaams-Brabnt region offers a lot of places: from simple ones to the most exquisite. You decide which atmosphere fits your vacation best.

Camping in Vlaams-Brabant

There are several campings that you can visit in Belgium. In this article we will focus on the Vlaams-Brabant region due to its rich flora and fauna and also camping-friendly climate. 

1. Camping near forest and beautiful 'Pajottenland

It is a common disbelief that a glamping can never be truly eco, but not in this case. This eco glamping is located on the outskirts of the forest, surrounded by the majestic Belgian nature. The hosts are offering some facilities like toilet and a Finish sauna. Although, the most important part is the landscape and the fact that you will be in your own little oasis.

2. Cosy & green garden close to Leuven 

Another beautiful campsite is located only a bike-ride away from Leuven. The host offers the opportunity to put a tent right in their garden, hidden away from the rest of humanity. You can relax and drink tea in your tent or walk around the neighbourhood and look for the Provinciaal Domein and the Abby of Vlierbeek. AT this location you will become one with nature.

3. Camping in a forest

And the last truly eco-friendly campsite is located right in the middle of the forest. There is literally nothing that will disturb you since the place is 1 hectare and belongs to you for the rent period. You can experience that ancient life where we had to gather branches to make the fire and cook delicious food right from the river. The hosts even made a little branch labyrinth to give you an opportunity to run away from all the threats of the outer world.

Camping in Belgium can be undoubtedly eventful. You can live in nature but at the same time be close to civilization. This country is suitable for those who are willing to put effort in the planning of their trip. And as for the Vlaams-Brabant this region should be visited by all the travelers that are interested in eco-camping.

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