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Top 5 Best Apps for Camping

Top 5 Best Apps for Camping

Camping is a great way to connect with nature and also with our loved ones. It helps us find ourselves in this never stopping world and get our thoughts together.

Of course, camping is also about enjoying the time outside, learning how to be one with nature. We suggest using your phone not too often, but sometimes it can bring you some extra fun. And with the world changing so rapidly, camping has also changed. Now you don’t have to carry tons of paper maps with you or listen to the radio to know the weather. Now everything you can possibly need is in our phones. In this article you would learn about top 5 best camping apps and how they can make your camping experience way more joyful. 

1. Dark Sky

When you are camping the weather plays one of the most important aspects. It is useful to know what is going to happen because it lets you prepare your camp and adjust your plans accordingly. Dark Sky shows the weather in the specific location down to a minute. That means you would be able to know when the rainstorm starts and finishes. Moreover, you can set notifications to get updates on the weather changes. So far, the technology this app presents is the only one on the market which makes it even more valuable.

Price: 2 weeks free and $3.99 after

Available on: iOS

2. Sky View Lite

apps for camping night sky

Another amazing creation in a technology industry is a Sky View Lite app. It is simple in its functions but definitely great with the amount of useful and interesting information you get. Basically, whilst using GPS services it tracks your location and shows the night sky around you. You can move your phone to see various space objects and their location towards you. It is also fun to discover the night sky whilst camping out near a big campfire. This is definitely what dreams are made of.

Price: Free 

Available on: iOS and Android

3. Spotify

What a trip without good music to keep the mood up? This app is known by almost everyone who listens to music from their phone. Spotify offers a variety of functions like creating your own playlists or listening to personalized ones. The app provides a variety of genres and artists for anyone's taste. The main point is that you can set the specific atmosphere and mood with music and this is something that affects the success of the trip greatly.

Price: 1 month free and € 9,99/month

Available on: iOS and Android

apps for camping spotify roadtrip

4. Fish brain

This app would be a must-download for those who enjoy fishing. The app works as a kind of social media for fishing enthusiasts. There are two versions: paid and free. The pro one activates more features like exact spots for catching some fish and something called “fish forecast”, which focuses on the dynamic of the season. But most importantly it lets you communicate with others; share your catches and experiences. So, who knows maybe you can also catch yourself a fresh dinner and find a new friend?

Price: free/Pro version $9.99/month

Available on: iOS and Android

5. Offline survival guide

apps for camping survival tent

If you were once a fan of survival shows then you most probably remember some of the tips they gave you. But of course, when you are not a professional camper it is hard to keep all the necessary information in mind, plus there can always be situations which will require extensive knowledge. That is why from all the camping apps, this guide will for sure help you in difficult situations. It provides tips on how to make fire, generate power, build shelter, and basically survive. It also has a collection of plants and their descriptions for you to never eat a poisonous mushroom. Another good feature is that the app works offline which is always a plus when you are in a forest with no connection. 

Price: free

Available on: Android

Apps for camping made our life much easier and the camping experience itself more attainable for those who are just starting their travel journey. It is useful to always be prepared and use the technology for your own benefit.

If you are already excited about your trip and want to use all of the featured apps in practice, then it is time to pick a nice location for your vacation

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