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Camping with Alpacas in The Netherlands

Camping with Alpacas in The Netherlands

Did you know that camping with alpacas is a thing? If you want to try camping with other farm animals, that’s also possible! And it’s good for you! You can read all about it right here.

Camping with Alpacas in The Netherlands

Ever heard of alpaca farm camping - or farm camping in general? 

Maybe you have never heard of alpaca farm camping before. But some alpaca farms around the world actually give you the opportunity to camp right on the farm so you can go to sleep and wake up right next to the cute alpacas! What’s more soothing than that? There are also other farms that offer opportunities like this, so you can always escape to a farm whether that be for alpaca farm camping or farm camping with other animals. 

The good news is that it doesn’t matter what kind of farm you choose, all farm camping is good for you! Just like being in nature has a calming effect on you, so do animals! Animals can actually help us humans feel more relaxed, happier, less lonely and more social! In fact, animals can help improve our physical and mental health! So get out and reconnect with some adorable and cute farm animals! 

You might not know this, but there are actually quite a few alpaca farms around The Netherlands so even if you can’t go alpaca farm camping with us in The Netherlands yet, then you can definitely find a campspace close to an alpaca farm and pay the lovely animals a visit. This combo will still give you the benefits of being in nature and spending time with some cute and soft alpacas! Check out where you can find the alpaca farms in The Netherlands in Google Maps and find a campspace nearby on our Campspace Map

Try an alpaca campsite

If you want to try camping with alpacas our alpaca campsite in Belgium is highly recommended and just across the border from The Netherlands! So get ready to reconnect outside and with the alpacas at our alpaca campsite!

Want to try camping with other farm animals? No worries, we have plenty of options for you to choose between when you want to go farm camping!

What are alpacas?

Alpacas are often mistaken for llamas, which is understandable as they do belong to the same family. But alpacas are generally smaller than llamas and their faces look more ‘smooshed in’ compared to the llamas' longer faces. Where llamas were originally used to carry heavy loads, alpacas are much more delicate and were used for their luxurious and soft wool. 

Llamas are probably most known for spitting. If you have ever been close to a llama you might have feared that it would spit you in the face. Alpacas can also spit, but both animals mostly spit at each other if they get annoyed. So don’t worry about being spit on! Alpacas are quiet, gentle and curious creatures, and if you want you will most likely be able to pet them! When camping with alpacas there are just two things to look out for: 

  1. Don’t go right behind them, this makes them feel threatened and they might kick! 

  2. Look out for their toilet! They always use the same place to do their business, so you don’t want to slip in that pile. But you can bring some home to fertilize your garden!

Both species had their natural habitat in the Andes mountains in South America but today they only exist as domesticated animals but they have two undomesticated cousins that still roam the Andes region. Luckily you don’t need to go to South America to go camping with alpacas, you can try it much closer to home! 

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