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Big Rock at Ness

Hermon, NY, United States
10 persons

About this campspace #s003131

Primitive (very!) camping in the great North woods, in the foothills of the Adirondacks.I live in a beautiful house I designed and built (with help!) but it's like camping - I have no running water - it's "walking" water - collected from rain barrels, strained and stored in pails. Drinking water comes from a spring. Bathing on a rock outdoors. Composting toilet. Electricity from a small solar home power system. Heated by wood in a rocket mass heater.Come see how the other half (of the world) lives! :-)
That said, I do have wi-fi! Obviously, we need to talk before you drop by, you will need to participate in providing the here-to-fore mentioned utilities (especially any large groups) since I work long hours for my non-profit and can't do a lot of extra work (for the water in particular) to accommodate guests.But I'm a couchsurfer from way back and welcome all respectful campers to share in this little bit of paradise! I have two cats and may have a dog, by the way.Nice local communities with four universities in the area, so plenty to do - not to mention the northwestern Adirondack Mountains, our many rivers and waterfalls, the St. Lawrence River and both Ottawa and Montreal within easy distance.
About me: I was born and raised in San Francisco, and moved here (happily, though I still love the Left Coast) when I was 30. I run an organization that teaches workshops on how to live more simply, economically and, not coincidentally, in more environmentally friendly ways. Focus on food (grow, cook, eat, preserve), sustainable forestry and wood heating, small scale renewable home power, and general homesteading skills. In my "spare time" I work for social justice issues (Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA - though I am cisgendered and consciously celibate at this time - and women's issues for instance.) My home is part of a small intentional community called in HappiNess, WilderNess, JoyfulNess...whatever ...Ness it brings up for you!

Space for

  • Other (bv: Treehouse, lodge)

Available yes or no

  • Drinking water
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Pets allowed
  • Campfire possible
  • Picnic table
  • Electricity
  • Gas (stove) / BBW
  • Sportsgear
  • RV Sanitation
  • RV Hookup
  • Hot water

€5.00 Total price per night

You can send up to 5 booking requests per check-in date

Minimum stay : 1 night , Maximum stay : 30 nights
Total costs: €9.35 (Including €4.35
service charge

4 EUR + 7% of booking value

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