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Micro camping in the Netherlands

Micro camping in the Netherlands

There are beautiful spots in the Netherlands. You don't have to get a plane for that, do you? Are you ready for your next outdoor adventure?

Are the piles of work getting too much for you, is your trip abroad unfortunately canceled? Escape the busy city or your daily dose of stress and find the Campspace that suits you. For when you are looking for the natural peace and space or if you yearn for fun outdoor activities.

You see it more and more often, going on holiday in your own country. A nice holiday does not have to be far away. This saves you getting up early again to catch your flight. It is nice and close to home, which is not only an advantage in terms of travel time. You don't have to worry that nobody around you speaks your language. That prevents you from having to play hints with a random starnger. In many cases you also save quite a bit of money.

Unfortunately, the weather is not always good in the Netherlands, but don't let that stop you. There are plenty of activities to make your holiday a great holiday. Go canoeing with the family, swim in one of the natural waters, spot animals in the open nature, or just take a leisurely walk. End the day with a campfire or a nice BBQ and enjoy the view that the mini campsites offer.

Pick something more luxurious and laid back. Or completely back to basics with an outdoor shower and your own tent. Whatever you choose, whoever you go with. We have listed all the beautiful Dutch Staycations for you.

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