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Campspace introduces Scout Program; free micro-adventures for outdoor fans

Campspace introduces Scout Program; free micro-adventures for outdoor fans

Passionate about the outdoors and photography? Then the Campspace scout program might be something for you!

Today Campspace officially launches the Scout program. A new concept in which the startup collaborates with outdoor enthusiasts who are passionate about photography. In exchange for documenting their adventure, they stay for free at nearby camping sites on the platform.

Fly less, camp more

Campspace.com is a platform where everyone can rent out their piece of land as a campspace. And where camping enthusiasts can book these campspaces. You can camp in Susanne's backyard, in the middle of Het Groene Hart. Or in the garden of Nadine near the Ardennes. Hosts can provide personal tips about what to do in the area. "You don't have to fly for hours to experience an authentic adventure, you can also do that by camping in someone's garden nearby," says Hugo van Donselaar, CEO of Campspace.

For my Insta I already take a lot of outdoor photos and now I can also camp in very cool places for free — Charlotte Favier, one of the first Campspace Scouts..

Everyone is an influencer

"At Campspace we believe that everyone is an influencer, you don't need thousands of followers for that," van Donselaar continues. "There are so many people who take beautiful pictures. That's what the Scout program is for. Because we connect them with our hosts, they are able to advertise their camping spot even better. "

This is how you register as a Campspace Scout

Anyone with a passion for photography and the outdoors can register as a Scout. Based on your home location, participants receive a personal route with a number of Campspaces to visit. Visiting Campspaces abroad is also an option.

Find your sustainable getaway

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