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Sanitary solutions for camping (during Coronavirus)

These are unprecedented times so we wanted to clear some of the confusion surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19 with sanitary solutions for hosts and campers!

These are unprecedented times so we wanted to clear some of the confusion surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19 with sanitary solutions for hosts and campers!

Solutions for Hosts

If you want to welcome campers, please take a look at our guidelines for hosting during these times:

Keep your distance

A big part of Campspace is the connection between camper and host. However, for this time we are asking you not to get too close. We know you are happy to meet each other, but please do not shake hands, keep your distance and stand at least 1.5 meters away from each other.
There is a current restriction for more than two adult campers, so if you are renting out multiple Campspaces, please make sure not to host too many campers at once!

Sanitize before and between bookings

If you are renting out a caravan or any other accommodation please make sure to clean and sanitize everything between visits. It is important to understand the difference between cleaning, which is wiping surfaces from dust, and disinfecting, with cleaning alcohol of at least 60% which destroys the virus. Think about alternatives to reduce interaction with your campers. This portable toilet for example eliminates the need of campers to enter your house in order to use the bathroom. 

Provide hand-washing materials and/or sanitizer (when possible)

Providing a way for guests to clean their hands, either with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with alcohol.
Also read through the prevention measures by the Dutch government. Please do not welcome campers if you or someone close to you are showing symptoms!

Sanitary Solutions for guests

Are you planning on visiting a campspace anyway? Please have a look at these solutions for guests:

Stay local & keep your distance

Discover your local area from a new point of view - there’s no need to go far from home. Please look at local travel restrictions and avoid areas with a high number of cases. Currently, you cannot book a campspace for more than two adults! Please stick to traveling in small groups. Avoid public transport - take the bike instead.

Pack well

Bring as many of your own supplies as you can (e.g. cups, plates, cutlery, towels, toilet paper) and if you can, bring your own tent! Don't forget to pack hand sanitizer and/or soap! 

Also read through the FAQs about Coronavirus by the Dutch government. Please stay at home if you or someone close to you are showing symptoms.

Safe travelling

Given the current health and safety risks, we would like to make it clear that we are not encouraging anyone to travel. Staying at home and going out only when necessary should be the norm. But escaping home and enjoying the outdoors has become more important with everyone working from their houses and practicing social distancing. It is necessary to look after our mental health as well while we are all working hard to slow the spread of the virus. Please stick to these guidelines to ensure the safety of hosts and campers alike. 

If you have questions about hosting campers or visiting Campspaces during these times please also check our update about the Coronavirus or send us an email to support@campspace.com

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