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Roadtrip by bike

Roadtrip by bike

When you go on a road trip by bike it's nice if you don't have to take too much. Here you'll find the campspaces where a tent, pipo wagon or yurt is already waiting for you to put your feet to rest. So pack just what you need and and enjoy your bike trip!

Perseverance, adventure, excitement, soothing. All words that mean a lot when road tripping on a bicycle. It's a challenge, but also a lot of fun. Heavy bags, or perhaps less heavy bags. Because where do you find your overnight stay? We have made a list for you above this text. Whether you choose for luxury or back-to-basic, the choice is yours.

What makes a road trip so much fun is of course that you see a lot of the area. Let that just be visible at these Campspaces. All are located in a relaxing, beautiful environment. Each one is a gem in nature in its own unique way. For example, take a break in a forest, on a large meadow or enjoy luxury in an already set up residence.

Activities during your road trip

Of course you can enjoy the peace and quiet and lean back, but if you are looking for some action in your accommodation, there is! Enter the water with a canoe or kayak or just by yourself. Or take a leisurely stroll and discover the area. Dinner is always fun to make in such a place. Your host can sometimes offer it, but we also recommend that you bring a barbecue or a nice easy meal. This way you can fully enjoy your break.

Don't want to bring your own tent? Then we have plenty of options for you to choose from where you don't need to bring your tent. A cozy cabin, a yurt, a gypsy wagon, and much more. That saves you lugging stuff on the bike. Because we know that this can be the biggest challenge.

Do you prefer to leave your bike in the shed? Then take a look at our pages for luxury campsites or back-to-basic campsites.

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