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Prepare for a visit by a scout

We can already hear you thinking, “Hey? I am getting a scout request! What does that mean for me as a host? " Have your campspace professionally photographed by one of our scouts in exchange for one overnight stay.

You may have already seen the professionally photographed campspaces of co-hosts Frits and Nadine, for example. These hosts chose to have their photography taken care of by one of the Campspace scouts. An easy and free service for professional photography. Let a scout do it for you!

Advantages of a scout visit

We can already hear you think: “Hey? I am getting a scout request! What does that mean?" A scout can recently send a scout request via the app to visit and photograph your Campspace in exchange for a free night at your camping spot. What are the benefits of a scout visit? We have listed that for you:

  • Professional photographs of your Campspace. This is how potential guests see your Campspace at its best.
  • Getting a first review can be tricky. A scout will do this extensively for you!
  • Great chance of more bookings. (5x as much!)

Potential campers would like to know in advance what to expect on a campspace. That is why it is important that the photos look representative of the experience you are offering. It is therefore a good plan to discuss this with the scout. What feeling would you like to give the campers. Whether you want to put peace, cosiness or perhaps nature in the limelight, with a professional scout you will get it done.

Did you receive a scout request? How to prepare 

If you have received a scout request, you are always in control whether you want to accept, move or refuse it. If you would like to have your campspace photographed professionally, these are some tips to prepare for a visit from one of our scouts. There are a number of things you can do to prepare for your scout's visit. so he or she can see the best side of your Campspace.

  • Clean it up a bit! It would be dissappointing if there was a mess on the pictures.
  • As said before, tell your scout what the best and most unique places are on your campspace, or around it. This gives the guest a complete picture of what he / she can expect.
  • Make it nice and cozy with a campfire, for example, turn on a few small lights to make it cozy or hang up some nice decorations.

Have a scout come by and make it as fun as you want, share stories and make it an experience for yourself and your guest to remember.

Do you want a scout to visit you? Check if you have given permission for a scout to request an appointment with the options of your campspace. Go to 'my campspaces' and check if you allow scouts in step 4.

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