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Micro camping at Jacqueline's on the border with Germany Vriescheloo, Groningen

Our micro camping is located in a remote corner of the country


We want to inspire people by sharing special stories of travelers who travel in their own country. Also we introduce to you hosts who make that possible by inviting people to their Campspaces. This is why we have started the movement #Staylocal together with Columbus Travel Magazine and Honeyguide. For more information, check out our #Staylocal website.  



„Our micro camping is located in a remote corner of the country“

„You can see the sun rise and set here. In addition, it is possible to look miles into the distance from your lazy camping chair. With a little patience you can see deer in the distance and maybe even a fox. My favourite spot on the land is spot 6. It is located behind a hedge and out of the wind, and lies directly adjacent to an open field. It has a certain charm to watch, completely in peace; the squirrels and pheasants walk around you.”

Jacqueline (57) moved to East Groningen just a year ago. She bought a farm and got a camping site with it.

Walking and cycling are possible everywhere here. It is not crowded anywhere and there are many streams and (honourably) restored stream valleys that you can follow.

According to experts, the Dal van de Ruiten Aa is one of the most beautiful valleys in Europe. You can see that, you can smell it, and you hear it when you walk through the two special nature reserves: the Liefstingshsbroek and the Metbroekbos. Do you have a car with you? Then head north to Oldambt, which is known for its beautiful manor farms. Along the route from Drieborg to Beerta, you will see one building after another. You can also feel the rich history in fortified towns, such as Bourtange and Oudeschans, and regional villages such as Heiligerlee. These places were fiercely contested during the Eighty Years’ War. Both the Battle of Bourtange and the Battle of Heiligerlee are still regularly performed by actors.

Put a Stay Local adventure at Jacqueline’s micro camping on your bucket list.

© Photography Stijn Hoekstra

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