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Interview with a host: Jolanda

Interview with a host: Jolanda

Do you want to know what it's like to become a Campspace-host? In this host interview Jolanda will tell you all about it!

On our campspace platform, you can find the most beautiful camping spots on private land, in backyards and on other nice spots in nature. This makes it possible for nature enthusiasts to find adventure close to home which contributes to a more sustainable future. We also want to encourage people to connect with each other and enjoy human interaction. Instead of constantly scrolling on Instagram, isn't it much nicer to meet new people? That way, you can really recharge while enjoying nature. We could not do this without our wonderful hosts, who make their land or garden available and welcome guests. Together, we are champions for nature and for real human connections.

One of our hosts is Jolanda. She runs a Campspace with her family in Belgium and currently we’re hosting a giveaway on our Instagram account in collaboration with her campspace! Now we think it's high time to give you a peek into the life of host Jolanda. We interviewed her about her experience as a Campspace host.

Photographer: our scout Glenn

Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been living at this location, and what do you like to do?

I am Jolanda, mother of two beautiful daughters, Evi (7) and Luka (3), wife of a wood-handed man, sensitive person with creative expressions and an adventurer.

My husband, Koen, likes to roll up his sleeves for projects in sustainable wood in which he can express his creativity. He made just about everything in the garden (eco toilet/shower building/play tree house).

I like to be among people. I teach art education, especially dance and movement expression to children and young people. This is where I can express my creative self and I find it a privilege to guide them to who they are through the language of movement.

Besides my main job, I coach people in movement (from mountain biking to yoga to various art forms) to spark energy and creativity.

The idea originated in 2020, a company where we work with different experts on projects to charge and discharge human energy. And last year we started with our campspace as a second vein of our business. Due to Corona, no organised activities were allowed, but I still wanted to spread the company's mission to the people. That is where our campspace came into being.

As a family we like to walk, cycle, have adventures and of course we like to be creative. Discovering new places, going on holiday, preferably with the tent or with our VW van. My husband and I have been living in this house for more than 13 years, with this beautiful large garden that we enjoy enormously every day.

Photographer: our scout Glenn

What made you want to start hosting?

It was not really a conscious choice. It was more of a creative solution to be able to continue our mission with our company during the difficult months when everyone was longing for a way out of the house, or in need of rest. With Campspace, a dose of creativity and a large garden we had all the ingredients to realise this.

In the beginning it was a bit of a test. What will it be like to receive people in the back of your garden? Will you still have enough privacy? What if there is too much noise for the neighbours? Will the children still have enough room to play?

As we gradually began to receive more and more guests, this came naturally. We are fortunate that the camp is located behind our own garden, so we each have our own terrain. This is also nice for the guests, because they have their own space. We also soon found out that campspace guests are all nature lovers. And when families came camping with young children, it was immediately a party for our kids :)

This year we found out that over 90% of our guests booked an activity from or company. The horse carriage, yoga, sup and MTB were the favourites. So we can say that our mission was successful during Corona time.

What is your favourite part about hosting? What part of having guests over do you like most?

The diversity of people is what fascinates me most. And yet, consciously or unconsciously, you attract a certain target group. The guests who come to us are often already familiar with various forms of exercise or relaxation, or would like to discover them and are open to them. This immediately creates a connection, a common ground. The contact is often effortless.

What also makes me very happy is when people dare to step out of their comfort zone and try something that they have never done before. You can feel an immediate release of energy. These people then go home with so much satisfaction and they are completely recharged. Sometimes I get a message that they have acquired a taste for it after that one experience and that they will continue it in their own place of residence. That makes me very happy.

Photographer: our scout Glenn

What kind of guests do you welcome?

Everyone is welcome, families, couples, friends, colleagues.. It seems to me that people who like to party until the early hours are more likely to look for another location ;)

What was starting as a Campspace host like? Easy? Hard?

Exciting. :) Thousands of questions go through your mind. But for me, the greater goal was stronger than all the uncertainties. It has been more than worth it.

What do you think guests like most about your place?

First of all, I think the relaxed atmosphere. The view, the atmospheric shower and eco toilet and of course the activities we offer.

Photographer: our scout Glenn

What do you think is our responsibility as humans to our natural surroundings?

We bear all the responsibility, I think. But fortunately we don't have to bear it alone. We try to do what is possible and with our creativity, we not only save energy and water, but also money.

We were lucky that there was a deep well already here when we bought the house. With our homemade shower, this water is drained directly back into the ground each time we take a shower, instead the water being drained away. The guests have to use our ecological shower products or their own. Two birds with one stone.

Our composting toilet also works extremely well. Which was a big question mark in our minds at the beginning. The outside lighting works on solar energy. In the future, I would like to generate even more of my own electricity. With solar panels or my own windmill, and maybe a vegetable garden, when I am ready for a less busy life.

Photographer: our scout Glenn

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