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How to plan a group camping trip

How to plan a group camping trip

Wondering how to plan a group camping trip? Here's a list of tips to help you plan and prepare for your next trip.

By: Mary Deasy

Have you been wondering how to plan a group camping trip? Is the idea a little daunting? To help you plan your upcoming trip, we have compiled a list of helpful tips to help you plan and prepare for your trip in as stress-free a way as possible. Here are some things to remember.

When to go

There are many perfect times to go on a group camping trip. Are you celebrating a graduation, birthday, promotion, a friend-anniversary, holiday, or just good weather? Or were you sitting on your sofa pondering activities to do with your friends during these Corona times and camping came to mind? Regardless of your reason, camping is a great way to connect with your friends under the stars while surrounded by nature. The nice thing about camping is that there are different types: back to basics, glamping, or something in-between. No matter the time of year, group camping can be a fun, relaxed, or adventure-filled experience. Summertime camping is always advertised, and rightfully so; you can go surfing, mountain biking, swimming, mountaineering, and so much more under the warmth of the summer sun. Depending on where you go camping, these same activities can be done in the winter, or you can enjoy the snow and rain with your friends while drinking some warm mulled wine.

Who to invite

Before booking your campspace, think about what you want to get out of your trip. Do you want a relaxed, low-key gathering or an outright party? Both are great ways to enjoy your group camping trip, but they do require different preparation and planning. All campspaces are unique - some promote a relaxed vacation to reconnect with nature; therefore, bringing your friends and five crates of beer may not be the best idea. Read the campspace description since many hosts mention whether they are okay with parties.

The nice thing about camping is that it can be enjoyed by everyone. Looking for a place to enjoy a family reunion or have a last hurray with your friends before going back to school? These are all possible! Invite the people you want and ask them what type of camping trip they want. Make sure everyone has the opportunity to express their expectations, needs, and desires to make your upcoming group camping trip the best it can possibly be.

Where to go

Campspace offers pitches across Europe- from Portugal to Denmark and from the alps to the flats of the Netherlands. When planning your group vacation, make sure you understand everyone's budget. Transportation is not cheap, would a staycation be easier? The options are endless so once you have gathered together your group, start throwing out ideas - do you want to go surfing in France? Skiing in Germany? Where does everyone want to go and what do you want to do? From there you can choose between a glamping site, onsite accommodations, or a back-to-basic tent pitch.

What to pack

Before you start packing make sure to triple-check the weather, as this will help dictate what you might need to pack but also accommodations and the activities you choose to do. Weather is unpredictable but preparing for the worst-case scenario is key. So if you are camping in the summer, bring a rain tarp for your tent. Remember to pack your clothing in layers regardless of the time of year- if you are going to Spain or even France, pack a poncho or a sweatshirt, maybe it’ll get cold at night. That being said, the best way to prepare for worse case scenarios is to have an essentials box or bag in your car, van, or backpack. This could include (but is not limited to) toilet paper, a flashlight, a firestarter, a utility knife, an emergency kit that contains a thermal blanket, a map, and extra water and food. Better safe than sorry.


When it comes to planning a group camping trip, making sure that everyone is on the same page is important. Make a basic itinerary so everyone knows how to get to the campspace. By planning in advance, you can book a reservation to get to or from the campsite, or you can make sure the driver in the group knows they should get their car checked before leaving. If your group is looking for something a little more unique, try booking electric campervans or renting a tandem bike—perfect for a good photo and fun memories!

The key to the best group camping trip is preparing in advance and keeping everything simple. It’s easy for communication to get lost or for someone to not understand the plan. So the more you prepare and communicate with every single member of your camping group, the better. The less stress, the more fun the trip will be.

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