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How do you get the best photos of your campspace?

How do you get the best photos of your campspace?

Hosts who provide quality photos receive 5 times more bookings. Today's campers are persuaded to book a camping spot by clear photography and reviews from other guests. A good cover photo is the key for success.

The first photo you upload is the cover photo. This photo is the most important photo of your listing. The cover photo of your campspace is the photo that every camper or co-host sees when they search the website for a cool campspace. In this photo you need to show everybody the best aspects of your campsite, not the camping gear. Make sure it is clear and shows a lot of your campspace.

We are happy to tell you how you can take clear and adventurous photos: 

  • Take horizontal photos (landscape). This allows you to capture more of the environment in one photo.
  • Take a photo when your campspace is at its best. For example late afternoon when the light from the sun is warm and soft.
  • Travellers can sometimes make the decision not to book a campspace when they see a lot of trash or mess in the photos. Make sure to clean your campspace a bit before you take the photos.

Bonus Tip!
Respond to the imagination of guests. Show what your campspace looks like when the guests are there in your photos. Use not only photos of the campsite itself but also of the environment and extra features. 

  • Do you offer a camping spot? Pitch down a tent for more look and feel on the photo.
  • Photos of activities / sights
  • Show people in the photo

The Campspace Scout Program 
A Campspace scout comes to visit your camp site (at Campspace's expense) and takes care of the photography of your campspace. A good number of camping spots have already been visited by our scouts and sometimes they are booked up to eight times more often. In addition to photography, the scouts also provide a review of your campspace. In exchange for this service, we ask you if the scout can camp a night for free with you. Do you want your place to be scouted too? Sign Up! Sometimes it takes a while till a scout has visited your campspace, that is because they are volunteers. But after a little wait, you will have amazing free photos of your campspace, pretty cool huh? If you have any questions, contact us via scout@campspace.com.


The campspaces below have recently been visited by scouts and are good examples of a good profile:

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