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Hosts - COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hosts - COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Together with our hosts we are formulating and answering frequently asked questions. We will continue to update these pages based on new developments.

We share your concerns caused by the coronavirus pandemic and understand this period of unprecedented uncertainty that is having an impact on renting out your campspace. To help address some of your concerns and questions, we have developed with you, our Hosts, this FAQ.

If you have any questions or tips to enhance this FAQ, please contact us

We would be happy to hear from you, as we continue to monitor the media and are updating our site regularly. Thank you! 

What is the best way to contact Campspace? We are ready to answer your questions. You can contact us at host@campspace.com, via WhatsApp (+316 864 152 31), via Facebook or Instagram. Our Host Support Team will respond to you as soon as possible.

Can I continue to receive guests? COVID-19 guidance differs across the globe so we ask you observe all official government guidance applicable to your location We encourage you to follow the travel advice of your country. 

How do I amend my campspace availability? Anytime you would like to modify your campspaces availability, please go to my campspace and click 'edit'. You are able to change your campspaces availability in Step 6.

Can I cancel a reservation? Yes, you can. To cancel a reservation, please inform your Guest of the cancellation and contact support@campspace.com so that we have the opportunity to find alternative arrangements for any dislocated guests.

Can I modify the guest capacity of my campspace? Yes, you can set the maximum number of Guests in your listing by visiting my campspace and click 'edit'. Step 1 of the form allows you to set the maximum number of guests that can stay at your campspace. Before setting a limit, please refer to the official government guidance applicable to your location. We currently recommend hosting a maximum of only one household at your campspace at a time.

We thank you for being part of the Campspace community. We are here to support you and are always ready to answer any other questions that you have.

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