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Top 3 Campspaces in Limburg, NL

Top 3 Campspaces in Limburg, NL

Three unique campspaces in Limburg, the southernmost province in the Netherlands hold lots of opportunities and activities for travelers to enjoy!

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Three unique campspaces in Limburg, the southernmost province in the Netherlands hold lots of opportunities and activities for travelers to enjoy. Bordering Germany and Belgium, there is one thing very unique about Limburg which is a great contrast to the rest of the Netherlands, the hills located in the south. In addition to the refreshing landscape among the hills, the Maas river with its starting source in France runs through the area rich in Burgundian life. North Limburg promises another unique experience, a more luscious, nature vibrant, and rural atmosphere. A cultural experience, with castles and historic buildings, there are multiple activities accessible for travelers by camping in Limburg. Visiting for a few nights at one of our campspaces will guarantee an incredible experience. Here are the top 3 campspaces in Limburg.


The Lovely Hosts of Limburg

Starting with warm hospitality, the top three campspaces in Limburg have a few things in common. That would be the welcoming and kind hosts! All of our hosts are happy to share their peaceful green spaces and are always willing to provide activity tips. So, who are the three Campspace hosts of Limburg? 

Starting with Fiona, together with her partner Onno, and their 3 kids, the couple moved to Limburg for more peace and nature, as well as to provide a better enrichment for their 4 horses. They provide accommodation for travelers, and thus, all you need to do is book and visit! Another option is to come with your own caravan, equipment, and even horses. Located at the Maasduinen Nature Park, you will have access to endless nature. 

Guaranteed a night of peace or livelihood, Fiona and Onno are happy to be welcome you.

A biologist and a forest ranger with passion for nature, next is Ilse and Jan. The couple are happy to provide an eco glamping or forest camping experience in which you can explore the small village they live in and appreciate their meadow cared for with love. 

Last, but certainly not least, is Paul. He owns a lovely farm and mini campsite by Maasplassen which is a popular place for all kinds of outdoor activities and sports. Not to mention a fun culinary experience such as trying out the Limburg flan, asparagus and vineyards!


Mood Booster

Thus, the best way to experience Limburg is by being involved with nature itself, by biking, or by foot. Spending leisurely time in a new city or town is a great way to destress and enjoy time with yourself or with family and friends. However, specifically walking outside, breathing in the fresh air free of city toxins, and exposing yourself to green space will improve your mental and physical health. In order to be able to admire and have the relaxed holiday or weekend getaway feeling, you really just have to see the area with your own eyes. By spending a night at one of our host's campspaces, you’ll have a unique experience that other travelers would not have. Furthermore, you support your local economy, local environment, and by camping in Limburg you pay for an extra unique experience.

If you would like to read more about what this region has to offer, read our article on the top 5 activities you can do in Limburg.

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