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Reconnect Outside
Campsites Europe

Campsites Europe

Looking for campsites in Europe? Below is a long list of campspaces to choose from.

Camping holidays Europe 

Europe is known for the richness and diversity of cultures and nature. A beautiful continent with so many different countries close to each other. You can easily visit 3 countries in a week through local electric trains and a backpack and still enjoy a relaxing time. 

From the hikes and biking surrounded by vineyards in southern France to kayaking and swimming in the peaceful lakes in Sweden. The options are endless, we have more than 30,000 outdoor campspace adventures waiting for you and there’s many more coming!

Visit Portugal with your motorhome and watch the sunset. Stroll across the Pyrenees or visit a micro-camping in Slovenia, which is known for its beautiful lakes and forests. At Campspace, we assure you that your camping experience will be one that you won’t forget. Reconnect outside, and feel relaxed. Our hosts are excited to meet you, from the hills to the rivers, some in the pine forests to some in the mountains.

Best campsites in Europe 

The best campsites in Europe are the campsites that best fit what you want out of the trip. There’s no one way to camp! We have the best campsites in Europe because you connect with our hosts, your local community, it’s close to home yet feels like a getaway, and you’re practicing sustainability. 

If you prefer a more luxury experience for example, glamping is always an option! There are also different ways to go glamping, and that depends on what activities you want to do. Going for long walks, going wildlife watching and perhaps visiting the local restaurants are some lovely and relaxing activities. You can also go rafting, mountain biking, or river swimming if you love sports!

Do you love to travel more leisurely and to focus on slow travel? Have a look at some of our private campsites! Are you perhaps a more active traveler? When you look through different campspace locations, make sure to have a look at the different activities you can do in the area! Either way, you will find plenty of campsites in Europe on  campspace!

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