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Camping off the Grid

Camping off the Grid

Looking to go camping off the grid? Below are campsites where you can both be safe but also escape the city stress, and go deep into nature where only you, your friends, and our hosts are.

Camping off the Grid

Camping off the grid is a great way to properly getaway. Want to take things a step further from traditional camping methods? Try wild camping, surround yourself by nature, and relax. Experience silence to the point you can hear your own breathing as well as the rustling of leaves, birds, and pure nature. You’ll forget about noisy roads, or large crowds because noise pollution is none existent at off-grid campspaces. Feel true freedom for a weekend! Imagine standing in the middle of the forest with your tent and just seeing endless trees around you. You can walk in whatever direction you want!

Our hosts are always happy to give you the best tips on what the best forest paths are or perhaps the best locations to camp within their campspaces. Some hosts have their own accommodation that's far from their houses so you can experience privacy to the maximum. 

From forests to meadows, next to the beach or by lakes, you’ll have large areas of land for yourself. Even though you sleep on private property, some spaces are so big and ‘wild’ that it still feels like camping off the grid. 

Appreciate your campfire-making skills, your cooking skills, and your self-care efforts as you take a weekend for yourself. Spot wild animals, go for walks, go for a swim or sit and enjoy your surroundings. It's an indescribable feeling. Just you and mother nature. You can make it as back-to-basic as you want, like carve your own tools, or go foraging!

Extreme or safe wild camping

An open area where there is a lot to explore, that's the experience of wild camping. Some like it extreme and go camping in the colder seasons. During spring and summer, more and more people try it out, especially in dense forests.

Since wild camping is illegal in most countries in western Europe, it's nice to start off 'safe' and close to your home. Somewhere in the future, you could go somewhere else, like Sweden. Where we also offer campspaces, but it's allowed to go off-grid there.

Looking for more peaceful experiences? Quiet campspaces may just be for you!

So book your off-grid adventure now and immerse yourself into nature!

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