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Tent Campsites UK

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    Looking for tent campsites in the UK? Below is a list of campspaces for your next outdoor adventure!

    Tent Camping Sites in the UK

    If you’re the type of traveller that doesn’t mind skipping luxury for a few nights, tent camping is perfect. Tent camping can be a luxury in itself too, depends on what you bring, or you can also go glamping! However, if you like leaning towards the back-to-basic camping and pitching your own accommodation for the night, that’s what the campspaces above are for; you. 

    The UK’s nature is very rich, from the mountains to the sea and the flatlands to the rivers. Spend a weekend getaway or holiday in the peaceful forests where no noise can bother you. Noise-pollution is high in the cities, and it’s a subtle type of stress every traveller deserves to get away from more often.

    Imagine waking up in the mountains, make some coffee, and enjoy the incredible views! The air is crisp and fresh, the city air is nothing compared to this. There are wildflowers, various types of plants, and maybe some alpine strawberries? 

    Things to do at a tent campsite

    There’s always so much to do in nature alone, so that means there are various activities you can do at a tent campsite. Go picnics multiple times at different locations, it’s a fun a way to explore the area as you go searching for the perfect spot for you, and you get to enjoy delicious food! Go for hikes or perhaps cycling! 

    If you’re with a group of friends or family, bring some games like cards or Kubb! If you’re travelling alone, photography is a great activity! Capture the beauty of the British nature and share your story to others. 

    If you’re by bodies of water like a lake or a river, you can go kayaking, canoeing, rafting, or paddling! Swimming is also an option for if you like a more refreshing option. Fishing is fun if you want to catch dinner for the day! 


    So, what are you waiting for? Your tent campsite adventure is just around the corner!

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