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Plan a cottage holiday in Denmark

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Find cabins in one of the provinces of Denmark

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    Would you like to go on a cottage holiday in Denmark? Take a look below and find some of the cosiest cabins in Denmark

    Enjoy a Danish holiday in a cabin on a campsite

    If you also like the quiet buzz of life on a campsite, with more guests and therefore more facilities and social activities, then consider a camping cottage holiday. 

    There are many cabins on campsites that offer peace and quiet and great opportunities to enjoy nature, while providing a greater sense of community and often access to more facilities than you'll find at a host with a single cabin. 

    Cabins on campsites can meet most needs, whether you're looking for basic furnishings or luxury and more space. There's room for romantic holidays as a couple, a cosy trip with friends or family time with loved ones. The advantage of cabins is also that you are better protected from the cold and rain during the colder months of the year, while staying overnight in the countryside. Here we've rounded up the best picks for campsites with cabins to check out before you head out!

    Danish campsite cabins come in many varieties

    At Campspace, you'll find many exciting and unique campsite cabins. Visit Byagergaard Naturcamping, for example, where you can stay in a retro caravan from the 1970s or a lovely room on a farm, as well as in lovely glamping tents. It's the perfect combination of a small campsite with nature and different types of accommodation.

    You can also visit Birkelund Camping and Outdoor, where you can stay in something as spectacular and exciting as a Kyrgyz yurt or a camping hut called the 8th Wonder!

    Kattholt glamping is also a gem, where you get to stay in the middle of nature in some beautiful and creative cabins. The cabins on the campsite are part of nature, so you really feel the peace of nature and the company of those you bring. If you're going fishing or canoeing, or just want to stay right next to the Gudenå River, these basic but lovely camping cabins are an ideal choice.

    This cabin is also worth a visit, even though it is not a cabin on a campsite. This lovely Tiny House has a kitchen and all the facilities you need while staying in the middle of nature.   

    If you're looking for cabins on a campsite close to the sea, this place has it all, yet is cosy and manageable. There are several cabins and cabins to choose from, and not least you can enjoy a fantastic view over the Kattegat.  

    Want to stay at Stærehotel? Yes, it's good enough. Choose a campsite where every cabin is a star hotel, and get both comfort and a special overnight experience you won't soon forget. Speaking of inspiring and different accommodation, you can also experience cabins on the campsite, which include a converted slurry wagon, grain silo and circus wagon. There's a lot to choose from at this campsite, so explore the options and go on a hunting trip!

    If you want to enjoy a lovely garden and relaxed atmosphere, Fru Pedersen's garden also has various cabins, so you can both enjoy the tranquillity of the beautiful garden, but the cabins have everything you need. At Holmely campsite you will also find several exciting accommodation options, which are also surrounded by beautiful nature. You can stay in a tree-top shelter or a wooden cabin. 

    This campsite with cabins is also very special, as the cabins are in old circus wagons. They are both inspiring and cosy, and you are close to the Limfjord. 

    Denmark camping cabins you'll never forget

    The possibilities are many, and the holiday or weekend trip can easily be combined with other activities in nature, where you might also visit several parts of the country. For example, if you are into hiking holidays, and of course comfortable accommodation in a cabin, you can find more hiking inspiration here. If you're more into fishing, Denmark also offers many great places to experience nature from the waterside all year round - while (hopefully) securing dinner to enjoy in your cabin. 

    Campspace makes it easy to find all the cabins on campsites and then get going!

    Cottage holidays in Denmark all year round

    There are many different, cosy and unique cabins around Denmark. The best thing about going on a cabin holiday in Denmark is that you can comfortably do it all year round without worrying about freezing. You can go out and discover nature springing forth in spring, enjoy the lovely Danish summer evenings somewhere new in the country, go for long walks in the beautiful autumn foliage, or play in the snow and cozy up with a wood stove, games and hot cocoa in winter. The seasons set no limits to when you go on a cottage holiday here at home in Denmark. Secondly, you can find many cabins with a location that can only be described as a 10 in the Danish countryside. And we all know it's always about location, location, location ;). Whether you'd like to sleep in the middle of a hilly landscape, wake up to birdsong in the forest, or wake up to a wonderful view over the water, you're sure to find what you're looking for right here! 

    Luxury cottages in Denmark

    Not only are there settings of all kinds, there are cabins of all kinds. There's everything from small primitive cabins that hold just what you need, where you can try out a more minimalist lifestyle and enjoy getting up close and personal with nature. To cabins with a little more space, beautiful and delicious decor, fully equipped kitchens, and some even with the option of wilderness bathing and total relaxation. Yes, believe it or not, such luxury cabins can also be found all around our lovely Denmark. In some places you can even have a delicious breakfast served. And you don't have to compromise on location because you can easily find luxury cabins in the middle of beautiful nature right here in Denmark. 

    There are many places just waiting for you. So what are you waiting for? Take a travel companion under your arm and see Denmark at its most beautiful. 

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