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family camping homestay

3.20 (15 reviews) Verified Sailly Flibeaucourt, Hauts-de-France, France #s006569

Ways to spend the night

  • With your Tent

  • With your Caravan

  • With your Van

  • With your Motorhome

About this campspace

Discover the serenity of the countryside and rest in a haven of peace, ideal for a nature campsite. Stay in a green setting, surrounded by fields and forest, perfect for a bucolic walk and an ecological holiday. Take advantage of a rural village with all the conveniences at your fingertips for a relaxing stay in the countryside. The sea and the nearest town are only 10 minutes away by car, providing an ideal location for exploring the surrounding area. Upon your arrival, you will be offered a drink to welcome you.

The enchanting setting:
Immerse yourself in a peaceful and silent environment, where only the chirping of birds enhances the atmosphere. Admire the starry sky and let yourself be lulled by the tranquility of the place in your open-air accommodation. The passage is discreet, preserving the tranquility of your stay. Enjoy breathtaking views of the green fields and the surrounding forest.

The locations of choice:
The site, warm and impeccably maintained, has a slight slope for a unique camping experience. Access is facilitated by a spacious entrance 5 meters long. Share a generous plot of 5795 m2 and choose your location according to your preferences, in the shade or in the sun, taking into account the position of the sun throughout the day. The spacious pitches offer an ideal setting to relax and fully enjoy the surrounding nature.


Your host

Stephanie Go to map


  • Drinking water

  • BBQ

  • Hot water

  • Dishwashing sink

  • Dining table

  • Sports and games gear


Food and drink

  • Drinking water

    we put a jurican of 10L of drinking water and we will fill it regularly

  • BBQ

    we put a barbecue at your disposal and you can lend it to you

  • Hot water

    the customer who wishes to have hot water is requested to ask us

  • Dishwashing sink

    you will find a sink in the building at your disposal

  • Dining table

    if you wish with a table and chairs outside we have some to lend you but please ask us thank you

Comfort & Fun

  • Sports and games gear

    we put a goal and a basketball hoop with the ball that suits your arrangements


  • Toilet

    we put a chemical toilet that we will avoid regularly

  • Hot shower

    we have put a solar shower at your disposal in our buildings

  • Cold shower

    we have put a solar shower at your disposal in our buildings


  • Electricity

    Bring a 30M extension cord

For RVs

  • RV electricity hookup

    if you have the european plug

  • RV Dump station

    you will be asked for a contribution


  • Pets allowed

    1st category dog PROHIBITED in the campsite and animals that can come to the campsite are PROHIBITED on our terrace


  • Parking on site

    On your location


  • Sunrise view

    you could watch the sunrise

  • Sunset view

    you could watch the sunset

  • Field view

    you will have a view of the fields and the little wood

Seating area

  • Picnic table

    we can put a table and chairs at your disposal but please ask us before

  • Outdoor seating area

    we can put a table and chairs at your disposal but please ask us before

Available pitch types

Select check-in and check-out dates to see available pitches.

Camping homestay "Steph and Ben"

  • Tent


  • Caravan


  • Van


  • Motorhome


The place is hedged and very clean is slightly sloping.
we have a large entrance that is 5M long.
you will share a plot of 5795 m2, so you can settle in the shade or in the sun, it's up to you to choose your location and of course it all depends on where and where the sun turns.

from € 7.00 per night
Max. people
6 persons
8 pitches

Your reservation

Select check-in and check-out dates to see available pitches.

Your host, Stephanie

3.20 (15 reviews)

Come and relax in the countryside and in peace.
We will be happy to share our large plot of 5795M2 with you.
So that it is for 1 night, 1 weekend, 1 week or more.
We are located in the Somme (80) in Sailly-Flibeaucourt (between Abbeville and Berck).
A village in the countryside with all amenities.
We are located near the sea 10 min, Abbeville is located 10 min from us


  • come and have breakfast with us

  • the sunset is beautiful by the sea

  • we can tell you the nearest stores and the most reasonable price level

  • we can advise you on the bars nearby

  • we can give you our ideas on restaurants and brasseries and fast food restaurants



Tell us about your experience
Everything went well at Stéphanie's, I took advantage of the garden which is very pleasant

How was the contact with the host?
Stéphanie and Mathieu are very friendly with their hosts

Tips for new guests?
Speak French, don't hesitate to ask Stéphanie if you miss something.

July 2022 · Translated from french

Host Stephanie has responded

I am happy that your stay went very well and that you enjoyed the surroundings

Yes I am listening to my guests and I will do my best to make their stay go better or better

Translated from french · show original


Tell us about your experience
Really nice place to stay ,easy cycle ride St valery. Very relaxing.

How was the contact with the host?
It was good .

June 2022

Host Stephanie has responded

I'm glad you enjoyed your stay

Translated from french · show original


June 2022

Host Stephanie has responded

Thank you for your visit


Tell us about your experience
Nice place, very calm...perfect

How was the contact with the host?
Very friendly and helpful, home made apple juice was delicious...

June 2022 · Translated from german

Host Stephanie has responded

Thank you
Yes place is very quiet

Translated from german · show original


Tell us about your experience
Very quiet campsite with lots of shade. The sanitary facilities are basic, chemical toilet and shower bag that heats up in the sun. Everything is neatly maintained so I had no complaints during my 10-day stay. Especially the peace and quiet were a plus here. People who want more comfort should look for another place. I felt like a little scout again.
From this campsite I could go to many places by bike.

How was the contact with the host?
Very friendly welcome and respect for your privacy.

August 2022 · Translated from dutch

Host Stephanie has responded

Everything is summed up very well.
We are glad it has you more.
Our campsite would like to thank you for this great return which values the work of our team.
Indeed, we do everything we can to help you and deliver you complete satisfaction.
It was a pleasure to accompany you on your vacation.
See you soon, the camping team at Stéph and Ben

Translated from dutch · show original


Tell us about your experience
The 'camping site' is a beautiful fruit orchard, with many nice shady spots. You look out on the rolling fields. It is blissfully quiet with many twittering birds, sometimes some traffic whirring in the background. They have an inflatable pool for the children. Electricity is laid out over the garden with pulleys. First pay extra, then you get electricity. There are often no more than a few other campers. The 'sanitary' is the simplest imaginable, but those who are not immediately afraid of that (no reason to) and do not expect luxury, sit in the morning having breakfast under a fruit tree, watching the farm fields with a bird concert in the trees.

The owner and her two helpers do their best. Sometimes there is social discomfort and clumsiness, for example when pointing out the boundaries of the camping sections in a somewhat directive way. They are trimmed with ribbon (sometimes you are unnecessarily fairly close together in a very large garden), but don't go outside. They would like to guarantee good passages for the cars. The places are big enough for a large family tent and accessories. And don't let anything distract you. Stephanie cs are nice to the kids and try to make the best of it. And they have a lovely place.

How was the contact with the host?

Tips for new guests?
Expect very basic plumbing. The large garden is beautiful

July 2022 · Translated from dutch

Host Stephanie has responded

For traffic, unfortunately we can't do anything in the background.
The pool is for children as well as adults.
For the moment, yes they are reels but it is planned to do other things, but do not forget that you are in a campsite with the locals.
For the payment for electricity we proceed as in a real campsite.
For the sanitary facilities, as I told you, chemical sanitary facilities are emptied very regularly and our solar shower is also filled very regularly.
We don't have a farm but these are fields.

Yes, we do our best to ensure that your stay goes as smoothly as possible and that you have a pleasant stay with us.
I had told you not to exceed the limit because the location on one side of yours had to pass with their vehicle.
For the moment they are ribbons but we thought of putting something else.
Each pitch is 165 square meters we think is big enough.

I love children and I wouldn't want anything to happen to them.
Thank you for our beautiful places.
On the other hand, with regard to the fruits, please do not remove them from the trees, especially when they are ripening.

Translated from dutch · show original

Scout Dirk & Linda About the scout program

Tell us about your experience
Stephanie has a beautiful garden with fruit trees where 6 camping spots are marked out with ribbons. There is a loft with 1 Porta Porti portable toilet and a camping shower with water bag that they are happy to fill with warm water for you.
There is also an electricity point and we had just enough length with our 25 meter cable, so it is best to bring a slightly longer cable.
Water is also available but will be cut off when the owners are away.

How was the contact with the host?
Contact with Stephanie was good. On arrival we were treated to fresh apple juice and a home baked local cake.

Tips for new guests?
Take a bike ride to the Bay of the Somme. We first cycled to Le Crotoy where you can have a delicious lunch in Restaurant Les Tourelles. Then you cycle to Saint Valery sur Somme and for a coffee with Brazilian carrot cake you go to the Amazon cafe in the rue de la Ferte.

June 2022 · Translated from dutch

Host Stephanie has responded

Thank you for our beautiful land.
We wanted to delimit the locations with ribbons for the moment.
The toilet is emptied three times a day and the solar shower is filled whenever we are asked, knowing that it fills it in the morning as well as in the evening.
That's why I ask every time to know the level of electricity knowing that we can add cable.
For the water I explained to you why I cut it.
We also had good contact with you.
now we have set up a snack.
if not ask us we have some restaurants to recommend.

Translated from dutch · show original


Tell us about your experience
Nice camp location with orchard with fruiting trees. Some good walks nearby. Close to our birding hotspots. There was one jerrycan (10 lt est.) of non-potable water for cooking, washing dishes and ourselves, shared with one other camper. This container was not replenished and was not sufficient. The advertisement offers drinking water, a hot shower and a picnic table. Non was available.

How was the contact with the host?
Stéphanie was quick to reply through CampSpace, but wasn’t around when we arrived. Her partner (Ben) was not aware of our arrival. He offered a bucket with hot water for a shower when asked, but never showed up.

Tips for new guests?
Bring sufficient potable water and camping chairs. Bring a printed confirmation with reservation number to demonstrate you booked and paid.

September 2022


Tell us about your experience
Nice place to stand.

How was the contact with the host?
Very friendly and helpful.

July 2022 · Translated from dutch


Tell us about your experience
Charmingly located camping site in an orchard. Beautiful places, both for tents and (smaller) campers. The site slopes down a bit and the facilities are very limited: there is an emergency toilet and an improvised shower (which was filled with a hot water bag on request).

How was the contact with the host?
Stéphanie responded quickly and correctly to the reservation request, contact was a bit more difficult on site. You notice that they lack some experience. But we did get what we asked for.

Tips for new guests?
Leave the breakfast for what it is, even if it only costs 5 euros per person.

July 2022 · Translated from dutch

Host Stephanie has responded

For the terrain, we reported that it was a little sloping but what do you do.
For lighting, electrical terminals, playground we do what we can while knowing that we have a basketball hoop, a football goal and a small swimming pool for adults and children and as well as we have an electrical terminal. As we asked you to put breakfast on your pitch, we did it for you.
We are camping with the locals, we are not a real campsite.

Translated from dutch · show original


Tell us about your experience
Very good location, half an hour from the beach, 20 min from Saint Valéry sur Somme (delicious mussels). Very large garden with a few places at the back where you can stand under the shade with a beautiful view. We had a heat wave and couldn't stand any better. Very basic: no electricity (or you have to request it and pay supplement), toilet is there, very basic and the shower is basically unusable (or it's that you are a midget with short hair as there is only a limited amount of water in it a bag that hangs very low). Very quiet.

How was the contact with the host?
Could be much better. We were a little earlier and received absolutely no friendly reception. Madame was angry and certainly not friendly or welcoming. Apparently she had sent a message if we wanted electricity but we hadn't seen that so there was no way to put our fridge in somewhere. Totally not flexible. Certainly not pleasant to arrive. We felt like we were doing everything wrong. She gave an uneasy feeling. Ps don't look for the troll, the troll will find you.

Tips for new guests?
As a base to explore the region certainly ok, if you want peace and quiet and not a busy campsite. You can take a shower at the beach of Ault.
If you want a warm welcome: NOT RECOMMENDED!!!

July 2022 · Translated from dutch

Host Stephanie has responded

We are not half an hour from the beach because the nearest beach is 10 minutes from our house.
In terms of the heat, I couldn't do anything better than to make a swimming pool available and make cold drinks available.
Electricity level, I had sent you a message asking if you will need electricity and no response from you. So I took it as a no for the supplement I think it's completely normal.
You didn't ask for your refrigerator otherwise we would have found a solution.
For toilets, they are chemical toilets. For the shower it has been changed see photos.
the shower is filled every time we are asked or when we see that it is empty. Would you like us to arrive with our car very quickly in your course and go into the field without going through the reception, politeness above all.
on the other hand, you do not speak when you have broken down and you have been helped out. If I would have known we wouldn't have been to help out and it would have been at your expense to pay for the garage.

Translated from dutch · show original


Tell us about your experience
Beautiful surroundings, but personally we think the reception is anything but how it should be.

Clearly indicated that we do not speak French fluently, and asked that they could speak a little more quietly, so that it was understood.

This was not taken into account. The communication was not good.

On top of that, €5 was charged for electricity, this is nowhere indicated + you need an extension cable of about 40m ... We didn't have this one, but it was eventually offered by them.

The toilet and shower are not worthy of the name.
The toilet doesn't flush, and the shower is a bag of hot water and a hose.

The positive is the nature and the peace you can find there.

How was the contact with the host?
Not good for us.

Tips for new guests?
Take a long extension cable with you.

July 2022 · Translated from dutch

Host Stephanie has responded

For communication we have to speak softly
We have done our best to have good communication with you.

For electricity read this is note
Otherwise the price will be more expensive or you wanted us to give it to you
We ask that an extension of 20 m maximum not 40 m

So the toilet works and it is a chemical toilet as indicated
For the shower it is a solar shower as indicated

It's true we don't have the same values

Translated from french · show original


Tell us about your experience
The grounds of the campsite are fine. The sanitary facilities are definitely not sufficient: 1 chemical toilet and shower from a water bag…. Sufficient for 1 guest, but not for more. Electricity consists of many extension cords linked together.
The hostess is communicatively not suitable for this task. Is very quick to anger and curt.

A pity, because with some adjustments it is a great camping spot.

How was the contact with the host?
Very laborious. very unfriendly

Tips for new guests?
If completely self-sufficient (camper/caravan) then it is doable. Make sure you bring your own long extension cords.

August 2022 · Translated from dutch

Host Stephanie has responded

Good you mark it as an opinion and you asked to stay longer
and you say that I order it's normal I am the answers from the field
don't forget that I almost had the fire your fault

Translated from french · show original

This guest

Tell us about your experience
What a negative experience we had today! When booking, we had neatly stated the dimensions of the camper (about the length of 7.44 m). Upon arrival, a first glance of the site was enough to realize that a motorhome with such dimensions does not belong here. It was therefore no coincidence that we could only see a few tents and a lonely small caravan on the site. And then the unfriendly way we were addressed by the manageress! And this notwithstanding we claim her in French. We were allocated a place so that we had to place the camper with the side flat against the garden wire. In that case, getting in and out would be very uncomfortable. When we asked to be allowed to place the camper in the other direction, this was not possible because in this way the camper hinders the passage of a trailer. As an alternative, we were offered a place between two half-trunked fruit trees that we could not reach without the camper being damaged by low hanging branches. We then said that we would prefer to leave the site immediately without damaging the motorhome. The manageress, still her rude self, was quick to say that in that case no refund of the rent paid is possible. FYI, we didn't even get a chance to ask for this in a polite way.

We then left, talking further was pointless. We would like to inform you that this site is totally unsuitable for motorhomes of this size. We find it outrageous that the owners, knowing well what the dimensions of the camper are, accept our reservation and our money. How unfair can you be not to even consider a refund in such a case.

July 2022 · Translated from dutch


Tell us about your experience
Poor sanitation

How was the contact with the host?

Tips for new guests?
Do not

July 2022 · Translated from dutch

Host Stephanie has responded

Bad hygiene I do not see where?
Because I clean regularly with special products
When you arrived I spoke to you normally and told you not to understand French
So I used translators, I don't see where, I would have been hostile as you seem to say
It is rather you that you will have been hostile with us.
And I do not recommend you to all hosts

Translated from dutch · show original

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What you can find in the area

  • Beach or seaside

  • Urban area

  • Forest

  • Horses or ponies

What you can find in the area

Landscape characteristics

  • Beach or seaside

    we are 10 minutes from the beaches

  • Urban area
  • Forest


  • Horses or ponies

    In front of the homestay

Ways to spend the day

  • check-icon


  • check-icon


  • check-icon

    Horseback riding

  • check-icon


  • check-icon


  • check-icon

    Visiting nearby towns

  • check-icon

    Canoeing or kayaking

  • check-icon


Ways to spend the day

In the area

  • Hiking

    you could do several hikes in the surroundings

  • Cycling

    you could cycle around without worries

  • Horseback riding

    you have a riding center 5 minutes from us

  • Swimming
  • Sightseeing
  • Visiting nearby towns

    10 min by car you could go to the nearest town

  • Canoeing or kayaking
  • Fishing

On the campspace

  • Board games and puzzles

    On demand

  • Outdoor cooking

    barbecue at your disposal


  • Waste separation

  • Food products from locals in the region

Additional info

Cancellation Policy

Guests who cancel at least 30 days before check-in date will receive a refund of the amount paid by them (excl. Campspace fees). If they cancel between 14 and 30 days before check-in, they will receive a 50% refund. Otherwise they will not be refunded.


Access is free but when the chains are on. Thank you for putting it back on except in the morning.
For smokers please smoke outside and put cigarette butts in an ashtray provided for this purpose.
Thank you for respecting the neighborhood whether on the ground or around.
We do not accept 1st category animals
We will ask you for a 30M reel for electricity
Before using water or electricity please ask us

1st category dog PROHIBITED in the campsite and animals that can come to the campsite are PROHIBITED on our terrace

Checking in and out

Check-in between: 5:30 pm–8:00 pm
Check-out between: 9:00 am–12:00 pm

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