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Toplanden voor campings

Campspace is home to all types of gamping, glamping and small-scale campsites in over 30 countries across the world.

Many people associate campsites with large commercially-run terrains housing row upon row of identical white RVs. As camping grows popular amongst younger, more diverse communities, a variety of new types of campsite are increasing in number. These campsites often focus more on truly experiencing nature the way it was intended and tend to offer unique overnight stays that offer more peace and quiet. You can find all of these new forms of campsite, including garden campsites, glamping campsites and small-scale campsites on Campspace.

Campspace campsites around the world

Campspace is home to all types of gamping, glamping and small-scale campsites in over 30 countries across the world. Operating mainly in western Europe, our ultimate aim is for everyone to be able to travel to a campspace in less than half an hour. We don’t just sign every campsite up to our platform though – campsites chosen for the platform represent the Campspace spirit and exude everything our community loves about camping. Campspace campsites bring guests closer to nature and provide opportunities to truly connect with our hosts by learning about their property, culture, surroundings and of course, the hosts themselves. Our campsites are small in size and focus on rest, wellbeing and getting the most out of local nature. Most importantly, Campspace campsites take on all shapes and sizes. For every campspace that focuses on simplicity, there is another that takes your camping experience to the next level with pitches in trees, wine barrels, bunkers and rafts! No matter the type of campspace you choose, one thing’s for sure: a stay at a Campspace campsite will leave you feeling rested, contented and high on life!  

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Camping holidays Europe 

Europe is known for the richness and diversity of cultures and nature. A beautiful continent with so many different countries close to each other. You can easily visit three countries in a week through local electric trains and a backpack and still enjoy a relaxing time. 

From the hikes and biking surrounded by vineyards in southern France to kayaking and swimming in the peaceful lakes in Sweden. The options are endless, we have more than 30,000 outdoor campspace adventures waiting for you and there’s many more coming!

Visit Portugal with your motorhome and watch the sunset. Stroll across the Pyrenees or visit a micro-camping in Slovenia, which is known for its beautiful lakes and forests. At Campspace, we assure you that your camping experience will be one that you won’t forget. Reconnect outside, and feel relaxed. Our hosts are excited to meet you, from the hills to the rivers, some in the pine forests to some in the mountains.

Best campsites in Europe 

The best campsites in Europe are the campsites that best fit what you want out of the trip. There’s no one way to camp! We have the best campsites in Europe because you connect with our hosts, your local community, it’s close to home yet feels like a getaway, and you’re practicing sustainability. 

Countries most loved by campsite guests

🇧🇪 Campsites in Belgium

🇳🇱 Campsites in the Netherlands

🇩🇪 Campsites in Germany

🇫🇷 Campsites in France

🇩🇰 Campsites in Denmark

🇵🇹 Campsites in Portugal

🇪🇸 Campsites in Spain

🇮🇹 Campsites in Italy

Nature regions most loved by campsite guests

🇧🇪 Active holidays in the Ardennes
🇳🇱 Salty air and seafood in Zeeland
🇩🇪 Lush nature near Lake Constance
🇫🇷 Sun and serenity in the South of France
🇧🇪 Breweries and biking in the Belgian Westhoek
🇳🇱 Stunning views in the Veluwe
🇩🇪 Fairy tale scenes in the Black Forest 
🇫🇷 Nature and history in Normandy

Types of campsites most loved by Campspace guests

🌿 Nature campsites 👧 Child-friendly campsites ⏱ Last minute campsites

✨ Unique campsites 🐄  Farm campsites 🛖 Glamping campsites

🏕 Small campsites 🏖 Campsites by the beach 🛶 Campsites by a river

🚽 Campsites with private bathrooms

Ways to spend the night at a Campspace campsite

Pitches for tents Pitches for campervans and RVs Treehouses, cottages and cabins  Glamping tents and yurts 

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a camping and a campsite?

In several western European languages, the word 'camping' refers to a physical place where people pitch their tents, park their RVs or stay in provided accommodation. In English, we use the blanket term campsite or campgrounds. Campspace is a proponent of small-scale campsites, garden campsites and other less commercial camping endeavours, however you'd like to describe them! Read more about the different types of campsite in our article Campsite types explained.

Is camping legal in the Netherlands?

While camping is indeed legal in the Netherlands, there is no wild camping permitted. This means outdoor enthusiasts must pitch their tents in designated locations. The good news is that these locations are becoming more and more diverse, giving campers a wealth of options to choose from! Read more about wild camping in Europe and discover campspaces where you truly feel alone in nature.

What does a week at a campsite cost?

A week at a campsite can cost anywhere from €70 to €700, depending on your style of accommodation. When you bring your own tent or campervan, the cost can be minimal, i.e. €10 or less a day. On Campspace, there are a growing number of luxurious accommodations available on site, which of course you pay more for. Have a browse of our selection, which ranges from inexpensive, mid-range, to luxury and is growing wider and more diverse every day!

How do I find a good campsite?

If you know what your priorities are when booking an outdoor holiday, it's easy to find the perfect campsite. Once you know these factors, i.e. whether you'd like provided accommodationprivate bathroomsheating or to be able to bring your dog, you can easily apply these filters to your search results to view as relevant a selection of campsites as possible.

What are the best campsites to visit in Europe?

Depending on your taste and needs, you can visit a big campsite, or choose one of the many small-scale campsites on offer at Campspace. Our top campsites are spread across Europe and range from private gardens to treehouse complexes. Want to experience the quintessential, homegrown Campspace experience? Visit Luc in the Belgian Ardennes, whose unparalleled love for nature is infectious! Want a cosy campsite that blends fun with wellness? Head to Quirien's campspace in the southern Netherlands.

What types of campsites are there?

We've written an up-to-date guide on types of campsites currently popular in modern-day Europe. This includes a host of new options that have entered the scene in the last decade or so. Whether you want peace, fun, education, romance, socialising or true connection with nature, there's a type of campsite for everyone!

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