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Experience the joy of the country side

Leiderdorp, ZH, Nederland
12 personen

Over deze campspace #s002049

Near the Kagerplassen, in the middle of 't Groene Hart, near city center Leiden, is our paradise piece of land on the dike. At the end of the dike you can rent a (sailing) boat. The area is also perfect for a walking or cycling trip. In ten minutes cycling or driving, you are in the beautiful historic centre of Leiden; the birthplace of the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn. There are many wonderful museums and lovely restaurants in Leiden.

At our property you can camp in the shade, between the sheep or in the apple orchard: you can choose your own spot and if desired we mow the gras for you. You have some sweet neighbours with our sheep, pigs and chickens. Tell us what you are up for: volleyball, go-karting, tomato picking or a campfire?

We offer separate sanitary facilities such as a toilet and shower. Note that if you do not have your own tent we can accommodate, just let us know.

Plek voor

  • Tenten
  • Caravans & aanhangwagens
  • Campers
  • Busjes

Beschikbaar ja of nee

  • Drinkwater
  • Sanitair
  • Huisdieren toegestaan
  • Toilet
  • RV aansluiting
  • Picknicktafel
  • BBQ
  • Douche
  • Warm water
  • Elektriciteit
  • Kampvuur mogelijk
  • Sportgear
  • Gas (/fornuis)
  • Extra toilet papier

Activiteiten in de buurt

  • Fietsen
  • Wandelen
  • Watersport
  • Zwemmen
  • Kanovaren / Kajakken
  • Bezienswaardigheden bekijken
  • Go sailing and swimming at De Kaag
  • Picking up your own eggs for breakfast

Ontmoet Susanne, jouw verhuurder

Deze tijd vraagt om een andere manier. Wij hoeven niet ver weg te gaan om nieuwe verhalen te horen. Onze gasten helpen daarbij.
Marcel Proust wist het al:
“De enige echte ontdekkingsreis bestaat niet uit het zoeken van nieuwe landen, maar in het krijgen van nieuwe ogen.”
Verhuurder is geverifieerd door Campspace


Wiljane recommends this place

We had a very good time! We enjoyed a beautiful view! We met friendly and hospitable family!

Annemieke and Rudy recommend this place

We had an amazing time at the property of Susanne and her family. She first let us around, we were allowed to put our tent everywhere we wanted. We chose a cozy spot between a lot of green and near the two pigs and the sleeping area of the free-range chicken (she warned us for the sound but we’re kinda used to it, and love it). Just after we set up our tent Susanne came by with some refreshing drinks and nuts and to check if everything was alright. We had some meat for the bbq with us and she offered to keep it in the fridge for the time being. She’s so kind! To be short; amazing green campspace with fine sanitary facilities and beautiful surroundings.

Brendan recommends this place

We arrived late on Saturday evening but were immediately welcomed by Klaas, the campfire was already ready. Very friendly welcome, with an immediate tour of the garden and past the animals. It is nice that there is a toilet and shower. We could pitch our tents wherever we wanted. The first evening by the campfire we got a thermos with tea. On the way back we immediately received a friendly welcome with a beer and a cup of nuts. We felt at home here right away!

Lotte recommends this place

We had a wonderful night at Susan her beautiful place. We live only 15 minutes away but feel like we have had a wonderful break. Sheep Goof came to check our tent regularly;). The pigs are very sweet and grunt at you when you walk by. It was quite cold but Susan brought us a thermos with tea! We made a campfire in the evening, roasted marshmallows and enjoyed the clear sky with lots of stars.

Charlotte recommends this place

This camping place is so unique. We had a warm welcome, the host is so nice! She has given us a tour of the entire property. You can pitch your tent next to the sheep and chickens. A real experience. We enjoyed it!

Maurice recommends this place

Starting with a great welcome I immediately felt at home. We got a tour of the property. It is really inspirational and great to see what keeps them busy there. The surrounding area is nice and peaceful.

Bart recommends this place

We have now camped twice at this very nice spot near Leiderdorp. Good reception, good communication. She even brought a cup of coffee. We were allowed to use facilities such as the sauna. Super nice people who love to share the beautiful place they have. There are fantastic surroundings. A beautiful area with many windmills, many birds, lots to do. You can also kayak or canoe. The host also has a canoe available, which is great fun to do. We once cycled to Wijk aan Zee, which is 45 minutes by bike, a very pleasant trip! You have everything for yourself, so we camped wonderfully with a view of windmills and there was nobody else at all. We went twice already, twice in a row, it was that good!

Ube recommends this place

The contact we had with Susanne was pleasant, we felt very welcome! We were allowed to choose our spot ourselves and there was plenty of room. We enjoyed it very much. In April it was still a bit cold, so we were able to sit warm by the campfire. We even got extra blankets from Susanne. Very sweet. Advantage of April: when we arrived, the sheep had just given birth to twins! Tips for the following guests: walk past the farm shop after the mill!

Luise recommends this place

Received very kindly, they are currently busy with building separate sanitation (I was allowed to pee in the bushes). I stayed on the pasture, just like a sheep mother with her two lambs, who regularly came for a neighbourly visit. I was allowed to choose whether I wanted to stay with them or in front of the pasture. Place enough, very worth repeating!!

Ashgard recommends this place

We happen to know Susanne because she is a colleague of my wife. We had heard that we can stay there, so that’s what we did now. It was good. Susanne and her husband are really relaxed. The place is also very nice. Wonderfully quiet (if you don’t know better you really wouldn’t think that it is near a busy city) and you can hear birds and frogs everywhere. For the children it was also great fun because there are many animals, trampolines, etc. In the evening we all made a campfire with marshmallows. We had a lot of fun and will definitely come again.


Behave nicely and do not leave a mess behind. And above all; have fun!
Please be aware that much water is in around. Only take children with swimming certificate.

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€10.00 per nacht

Minimum verblijf : 1 nacht , Maximum verblijf : 30 nachten
Totale kosten: €14.70 (Inclusief €4.70 servicekosten)
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