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Camp between chickens and sheep near the forest and the lake

Wolphaartsdijk, ZE, Nederland
8 personen

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Note: As my guest, you have access to your own sanitary facilities.

Hello, welcome in my garden! This is the perfect place for you if you are looking for serenity and want to enjoy the outdoors. The garden is situated on a cul-de-sac in the middle of the agricultural area of Zuid-Beveland. Within walking distance of the lake the 'Veerse Meer' with the forest. Canoe outdoor sport & recreation at the Veerse Meer, is nearby, the location for sports outdoor activities in Zeeland. I live in here with my dog, lambs, chickens, a cock and 2 cats. I work a lot at home for my second-hand bookshop so you do not have to bring a book, I have more than enough!

There is enough to do here and at the same time it's still nice and quiet. Here it is still dark at night and in the morning the cock crows ... I would love to welcome you!

NB: Voor de gasten is eigen sanitair aanwezig.

Hallo, welkom! Als je op zoek bent naar rust en je wilt genieten van de natuur, ben je hier aan het goede adres. Mijn plek ligt middenin het agrarische gebied van Zuid-Beveland. Het is vanaf hier een klein stukje lopen naar het het 'Veerse Meer' met het Piet-bos. Je kunt daar o.a. kanoën en zwemmen, het is een bekende plek voor outdoor sporten in Zeeland. Ik woon hier met mijn hond, schapen, kippen, haan en twee katten. Ik werk veel vanuit huis voor mijn tweedehands boekenwinkel, dus je hoeft geen boeken mee te nemen, alhoewel: als je de schrijver bent !

Er is genoeg te doen hier in de omgeving en tegelijkertijd is het hier rustig, 's avonds is het donker soms met een mooie sterrenhemel. 's Ochtends word je wakker door het kraaien van de haan!

Plek voor

  • Tenten
  • Tent aanwezig

Beschikbaar ja of nee

  • Drinkwater
  • Sanitair
  • Huisdieren toegestaan
  • Toilet
  • RV aansluiting
  • Picknicktafel
  • BBQ
  • Douche
  • Warm water
  • Elektriciteit
  • Kampvuur mogelijk
  • Sportgear
  • Gas (/fornuis)
  • Extra toilet papier

Activiteiten in de buurt

  • Fietsen
  • Wandelen
  • Watersport
  • Surfen
  • Zwemmen
  • Kanovaren / Kajakken
  • Choose a book from my "store" a huge shed
  • Camp between the sheep and chickens

Ontmoet Joel, jouw verhuurder

My name is Joel and I live in the house with my dog, there are more pets: lambs, chickens and a rooster, and 2 cats. I work a lot at home for my second-hand bookshop so you do not have to bring a book ... although that is very nice if you are the writer yourself!
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Kristel recommends this place

It was very pleasant to stay with Joel. Everything was great! She was very hospitable and it was very relaxing. A beautiful location within walking distance of the Veerse lake. Highly recommended!!

Emma recommends this place

My friend and I had a lovely time in Joel’s backyard. Due to Corona she currently only receives one household at a time, which means that it is even more quiet and that you have all the space. The kitchen is very nice, we could use cutlery, plates, cups, and even a pan. And the bathroom was also for private use, wonderful. You can feed leftovers to the chickens and your eyes can enjoy the vegetable garden, beautiful flowers and plants, and a cornfield adjacent to the garden. You are really in the middle of nature! In the shed you can choose one from the wide selection of children’s books, very nice! In short, a paradise  Joel responds quickly to your questions by email and during our stay she was helpful and generous. She would come by every now and then to ask how we were doing in the garden and for a nice chat at the campfire. Other than that, she let us do our thing and we let her.

Francis recommends this place

We had a lot of fun with Joel in the backyard. Warm welcome, spacious camping spot in the lovely garden. Very nice and complete with all facilities that we could use. For young and old this is a nice destination with all animals, the trampoline and swing, light a fire, BBQ, and lots of fun to do in the nearby area. Recommended!

Albert recommends this place

It was my first Campspace and one that will be hard to beat I think. The place is an oasis in the polder. Sheep and chickens scurry around, frogs wake you up and Joel’s hospitality knows no bounds. There is even a small but complete kitchen that you can use and a shed full of wonderful books if you are bored. Tip: Do not forget that the nearest supermarket is 7km away and closes earlier than you are used to from the city.

Clair recommends this place

We had a very nice and authentic stay with Joel in Wolphaartsdijk. We were wonderfully relaxed in the middle of the wide polder between the chickens and sheep. We were allowed to use their kitchen and toilet, which was all well arranged. Had nice conversations with our hostess Joel who also provided us with fresh eggs and information about the area. All in all a great weekend!

Sauvik recommends this place

It was a very pleasant experience. The host was very friendly with letting us use her garden for camping, shower, toilet, and kitchen for cooking. She even gave us fresh eggs from her own chickens every morning and left books from her 2nd hand bookstore for us to read in the kitchen that she thought we would find interesting – a very sweet gesture. She was of course quite clear on maintaining her privacy and recommended us to camp in a spot in the garden where both she and us would have our own spaces, and also requested us to give some space to her animals, which we were fine with. The campsite itself is difficult to reach without a car/bicycle, and is kind of in the middle of nowhere, but that was what we loved about it. Overall it was a fantastic experience and we would be happy to return!

Joris recommends this place

Joel's campspace is very nice! I pitched my tent in a sort of secluded spot on her yard and enjoyed the quietness and nature surroundings very much. Joel is very hospitable and I've felt very welcome. I highly recommend this space.

Michiel recommends this place

Nice place tucked away in the polder of Zeeland. We went with the motorbike and enjoyed the setting sun, the Veerse lake (only a 10 min walk), and a nice cold beer at the campfire. In the morning we were woken up by chickens and lambs. All in all a great place and I hope nobody discovers it ;-)

Bianca recommends this place

After a bike ride through the beautiful polder we arrived at this Campspace. The host gave us a tour through the neat garden of this authentic farm. After we set up our tent between two blooming trees. From our tent we could see the immense and long dyke. This place is so quiet! You only see a few nearby farms and polders. In the garden there are several lambs, two cats, a dog and some chickens. We could also use the kitchen, which was nice if you want to cook a larger meal. In the evening we enjoyed a sunset from the dyke. When it got a little bit more chilly, we enjoyed the campfire and talked many hours with our host and one of her sons. In the morning we got fresh eggs from the chickens and with that our Easter weekend was a great success! In the yard you can also find a barn with a lot of second hand books. We both got a book and after we cleaned up our stuff we biked to the ‘Veerse Meer’ to spend the rest of the day reading and canoeing.

Griet recommends this place

We enjoyed our stay so much, We, two old schoolfriends Griet and Nele and our 5 children were received very friendly and helpfully by Joel. We could set our tent in the idyllic orchard. As a not experienced camping traveler, it was very nice to say that Joel had a shower, toilet and kitchen available for us. Our children really enjoyed the play garden, animals, and I myself really liked looking through Joels collection of second hand books. It is a must, and we certainly come back another time!

Françoise recommends this place

We had a wonderful time there ! Gorgeous landscapes all around and peaceful place to camp. Our host was very friendly and had a great sense of hospitality. The animals of the farm delighted my grand child, feeding the sheep, collecting the eggs and playing with the dog. And thousands of books to read in any language !! I highly recommend this place !

Monique recommends this place

I had a wonderful time at Joel's campspace. She was incredibly quick to reply to my last-minute booking and she was very friendly and helpful upon arrival. Her campspace is perfect! A little patch in her beautiful garden with access to a kitchenette and bathroom with hot shower. The area lends itself well for a quick escape from city life to enjoy the outdoors. And not to mention Joel's second hand bookshop on site, a hidden gem! I very much enjoyed my stay and will most definitely be returning.

Celine recommends this place

The stay was very nice! We were warmly welcomed and shown around the garden. Due to the Corona measures we had access to a private shower, toilet, and kitchen! The location was beautiful with lambs, chickens, a dog, and two cats in a large garden full of blossom trees and a vegetable garden. We were allowed to light a campfire in the evening and there was a second hand bookshop from which we could read as much as we wanted! In the morning we were treated to fresh eggs. The house was surrounded by nature, a 10-minute walk from the Veerse Meer. An ideal starting point for kayaking, walking, cycling, swimming, or lying on the beach. The Zeeland coast is about half an hour away. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone!


Actually there are not many rules, but I do not like very loud music. Take each other into account, do not smoke inside and clean up rubbish, very easy, right:)? Also no excessive alcohol use. Third party visit in consultation. All campers may choose a book in my store! Aankomsttijd en vertrek graag in overleg !!!

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€8.00 per nacht

Minimum verblijf : 1 nacht , Maximum verblijf : 3 nachten
Totale kosten: €12.56 (Inclusief €4.56 servicekosten)
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