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Campspace værtssikkerhedsplan

The hosts are the beating heart of Campspace. They provide the unique experiences. So we are very keen to take care with our hosts and their property.

  • If a guest books a Campspace, he/she agrees with the rules drawn up by the host of that particular Campspace and the terms & conditions of Campspace.
  • We encourage hosts to leverage their own commercial insurance policy, however if you do not have this kind of insurance, you may qualify for our Campspace Host Security Plan (CHSP).
  • The Campspace Host Security Plan (CHSP); if you are entitled for CHSP, your properties are covered up to €10.000 per incident. See below the conditions necessary for CHSP.
  • If guests misbehave, Campspace always has the right to remove them from the platform.

Conditions for CHSP:

  • You have never been convicted of criminal activity.
  • You are not charged in the past 5 years due to homeowner or host liability.
  • Damage up to €750 is at the host's own risk

What do I do when my place or property is damaged?

If you think your property is damaged due to a guest, contact support@campspace.com as soon as possible. You have 10 days from the date of the presumed incident to contact us (or before the check in of the next camper if that is earlier than 10 days). Additionally, you should file a police report. Accurate documentation with photos (taken before and afterwards) of the claimed damage, receipts, invoices and a police report may be obtained by Campspace. Campspace will contact the guests to hear their side of the story. Based on the documentation and police report, we will then determine who is liable for the damage and the payment of it. If it’s the responsibility of the guests, we’ll collect funds from them and transfer it to you. And of course, we do not charge commission or other costs thereon. If it’s not the responsibility of the guests, Campspace determines whether the submitted claim will be reimbursed from the CHSP.

The CHSP does not cover damage to:

  • Damage to the house of the host;
  • Common areas such as kitchen, showers, restrooms, etc.;
  • Jewelry, artwork and other personal effects in the home;
  • Pets;
  • Personal liability;
  • Usual wear and tear of land, facilities and property.

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