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Beauty of Wildflowers

Sonnewalde, Brandenburg an der Havel, Duitsland

  • Natuur spaces
  • 4 personen


Over deze micro camping

Our garden is located in a small village called Sonnewalde in the south of Brandenburg. About 1.2 km away from our place you will find a supermarket, two bakeries of which one is also open on Sundays, a small post office and a couple of other shops. The garden is supposed to be transformed little by little into a close to nature place where there is space also for wild herbs as food for bees, butterflies and bumblebees. We provide space for 1 - 2 tents and 1 - 4 people. More people may be allowed as an exception if the people know each other. Water will be provided in water canisters. We will also refill your waterbottles in the house. There is no regular shower only a very simlpe "solar shower" that we used as well in the beginning. For that shower you may only use natural organic soap or rhassoul (natural mineral clay). Luggage and bicycles can be put in the barn where there is also the composting toilet (with saw dust). On rainy days you may use the barn for your "picnic", dry your wet clothes or simply staying there. The space for the tents is mown regularly and offers shade during some hours a day. The next cities are Finsterwalde and Doberlug-Kirchhain which are about 11 - 12 km away. Both cities have got train stations. From Finsterwalde station there are bicycle paths for nearly the whole distance to Sonnewalde. Our surrounding area is nice for bike-tours and people who like watching stars. There are no hills around here and in clear nights you can observe a fantastic starry sky.Information about bicycle paths and tours as well as places of interest for sightseeing are displaced in the barn. Cars can be parked on the property itself or right in front of it.
Parliamo anche italiano! (Wir sprechen natürlich auch deutsch!)


  • Familie & kinderen

Plek voor

  • Een tent

Beschikbaar ja of nee

  • Drinkwater
  • Sanitaire voorzieningen
  • Huisdieren toegestaan
  • Toilet
  • RV aansluiting
  • Picknicktafel
  • BBQ
  • Douche
  • Warm water
  • Elektriciteit
  • Kampvuur mogelijk
  • Sportsgear
  • Gas (formuis)
  • Extra toilet papier :-)

Hoe ziet het eruit?


1.Visitors are expected to agree to be respectful and courteous at all times.
2.We expect visitors to be honest about their identity and personal details and that they will not disguise themselves with false information, with the exception of the username.
3.One member of the camping party ("the lead camper"), who made the initial booking and has provided their name and contact details during the booking process, is to be responsible for the conduct of their camping party and for ensuring that all members of the party comply with these terms and conditions during the entirety of their stay.
4.The lead camper will be open and honest about the details of their camping party.
5.The lead camper will take reasonable steps to ensure that the siting of tents does not unduly interfere with activities of the owner or local residents, their privacy or the enjoyment of their property, and that the siting of tents does not interfere with the enjoyment by others of the landscape, natural beauty or nature conservation value of the area.
6.The owner and local residents should be able to carry on their normal activities when camping is in progress. The lead camper will take reasonable steps to minimise disturbance to such activities, and will investigate and deal with the cause of any complaint.
7.The lead camper will ensure that no people, other than the members of the camping party, will visit the garden except with express permission of the owner.
8.The leading camper will ensure that care is taken by the camping party not to damage the campsite and the surrounding locality, including (but not limited to) damage or loss to buildings, grounds, fences, equipment or property belonging to the owner, or trees, plants and livestock living on or close to the campsite.
9.Dogs belonging to any member of the camping party will only be allowed under express permission of the owner and at all times must be kept under close control. They will not be allowed to run loose on the site without permission of the owner, neither shall they cause disturbance to the owner, local residents or animals belonging to the owner. They will be exercised away from tents and parts of the site used for communal activities, and any mess will be picked up immediately. The owner will take no responsibility for loss or injury to any dog or for any third party damage caused by the dog.
10.Noise will be kept to a minimum for the comfort of other campers, as well as that of the owner and local residents. The owner may specify a time after which they expect quiet at their own discretion, which the lead camper must endeavour to uphold within their camping party.
11.If there is access to the garden for vehicles, their speed will be restricted to 5mph at all times.
12.Open fires and barbecues will not be allowed except with the express permission from the owner. Where permission is given for open fires or barbecues, they will be sited on open ground, away from the dwelling house, tents, awnings and any other structures, the lead camper taking all necessary precautions to ensure safety.
13.The lead camper will take steps to ensure that refuse is either taken home or disposed of in accordance with on-site arrangements and that the site is clear of litter at the end of any period of camping.
14.At the end of the agreed camping period, it is the responsibility of the lead camper to ensure that all members of the camping party have vacated the campsite at or before the time that has been agreed with the owner and that all outstanding money due to the owner has been paid.
15.The lead camper will ensure that the campsite is left in the same condition as it was found.
16.The lead camper will ensure that any access keys or other items belonging to the owner are returned in the same condition as they were offered at the commencement of the camping period.

Hoe bereik je de micro camping

From Finsterwalde train station and Doberlug-Kirchhain train station by bike or by bus. The bus only on working days. Some people cross Sonnewalde on their European bicycle-tours on their way to Berlin (distance to Berlin from here ca 120 km) or on other longterm bike-tours.(well done). By car without any exception (you don't need a jeep).

Zo check je in en uit

SInce this is a privat garden you have to contact the owner in advance by email or telephone.

Activiteiten in de buurt

  • Fietsen
  • Wandelen
  • Paardrijden
  • Bezienswaardigheden bekijken

€8.00 per nacht

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