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If it’s near a highlight, or absolutely quiet, mention it!
Let guests know what to expect from your Campspace. Provide details about what makes yours unique. Telling them about fun things to do in the surrounding area can add to your Campspace’s appeal.
Do you, for example, rent a separate camping spot, but also a tree house? Then create two separate listings.
Use a fixed price for your Campspace (regardless of the number of guests) or use a price per guest. All prices are per night.
This is the price for the first guest. If you wish to charge a flat rate regardless of the amount of guests, leave the next field empty.
This is the amount that the second, third, fourth, etc. guest pays per night.The average price per person per night is between 9 and 14 euros
Select the maximum number of guests that can stay on your Campspace. Note: if you enter a maximum of 2 guests here, guests can not book for 3 people.