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Yes, camping in the winter!

Drouwenerveen, Drenthe, Netherlands
8 persons

About this campspace #s002409

** Winter facilities: campfire place, hot water, hot shower **

If this spot is not available, there is always the option to pitch your tent on one of the "Off grid" camping spots. (See the appropriate entry).

In 2001 we started developing a food forest on our site of approximately 2 ha. The forest is now growing rapidly and offers space for intimate places to stay or camp.
There is therefore plenty of room for placing several tents without causing problems for others.
The location is at the foot of the Hondsrug in Drenthe and is an ideal starting point for a large number of nice excursions, beautiful walks or cycling tours. Guests are allowed to use the entire site and, if they like, make a fire on the fire pit in the evening. (wood is usually available for a small price)

There is hot water in the part / sanitary room and there you can use a refrigerator if you want.

This place is an ideal opportunity for you to relax!

Space for

  • Tents
  • Caravan
  • Motorhome
  • Passenger Cars
  • Vans

Available yes or no

  • Drinking water
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Pets allowed
  • Campfire possible
  • Picnic table
  • Electricity
  • Gas (stove) / BBW
  • Sportsgear
  • RV Sanitation
  • RV Hookup
  • Hot water

Things to do in the area

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Horseback riding
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing / Kayaking
  • Sightseeing
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Unwind in a special place

Meet Harro, your host

I have been living in Drouwenerveen Drenthe since 2001. There we have a rural house on a large piece of land of about 2 ha, which I have been developing over the years into a food forest.
I enjoy being active in nature and with this beautiful place and I enjoy sharing it with our guests.
In addition to an indoor B&B, I rent out two retro caravans and a few camping spots on the camping field in the middle of this area. Finally, we have some special "off grid" spots for campers who like to be a bit remote and enjoy simple camping.
Host is verified by Campspace

17 reviews

Mariëtte recommends this campspace

Spent two nights with the bus camper at an otherwise empty campsite at the end of October. Warmly received by Harro; nice spacious place in the food forest and wonderfully quiet. Even nicer places for (small) tents. In the shed a cupboard with products from your own garden to take with you for a personal contribution. Had a few nice days!

October 2020 · Translated from dutch · show original

Paulien recommends this campspace

As soon as you leave the main road on the way to this Campspace, you are surrounded by fields and trees. The Campspace is located in a small, quiet town surrounded by beautiful nature like the Drouwenerzand (5 km away) and large areas with forest and heather. Harro came outside as soon as we arrived and gave us a warm welcome. He showed us his beautiful garden and told us about the plants growing there and the insects living there. The garden is very big and therefore you have plenty of private camp spots to choose from. You can camp on the main field, in the orchard or near one of the patches with wild flowers. There is a separate bathroom, toilet and dishwashing place and it’s all very clean and tidy. For nice summer evenings there is a campfire spot and there’s fruits in the garden. Harro is very kind and he knows where to find the best attractions in the area. This is a great spot if you want to explore this part of Drenthe, and/or if you are just looking for a place to slow down and enjoy being surrounded by nature.

Daniëlle recommends this campspace

We really enjoyed staying with Harro. We were warmly received and there are good rules to keep it safe for everyone during Corona time. Beautiful environment which we discovered on our paddle boards. The site is well maintained and you are sheltered between beautiful surroundings. We would like to come back again

Christine recommends this campspace

The host was very friendly and welcoming. The location was very nice and well maintained. It was our first time to use Campspace and we are now big fans of the concept. We can highly recommend this location and we will definitely come back here.

Ryk recommends this campspace

Last week I stayed a night at Harro’s Campspace. I had an “off-grid” spot all to myself (because of Corona the compost toilets cannot be shared, so there was only room for two “off-gridders”). So nice and quiet! Harro was extremely friendly, showed me my spot and just left me alone, although he said that I could always come if I had any questions. Did not see him again until the next morning when waving goodbye. So top, exactly what you want! The terrain is beautiful and playfully arranged with different heights of grass, all kinds of trees and bushes. Not an even football field, very nice! After a day of bike packing you can easily spend a night here. In the evening there is also plenty of opportunity to walk in the beautiful surroundings, and in the morning (very) early you will be treated to a musical concert by the thousands of birds in the nearby forest. Behind the campsite (and therefore fairly close to my spot), there is a road. It’s a back road where maybe one car drives by every half hour. I did not experience this as disturbing, even at night. Really recommended!

Mieke recommends this campspace

I first stayed at Harro’s. That was a very nice place among the beautiful vegetation (plants). Dragonflies and birds in abundance. Very much enjoyed it

Dorine recommends this campspace

Camping in the Netherlands has taken on a new dimension for us. A great place in a great province. The space of the campsite, the peace and simplicity have given us a wonderful weekend. Harro is a pleasant host, easily accessible and gave us that free feeling that we were looking for.

Jan recommends this campspace

We experienced camping at Harro’s as a fun adventure. Is it just using the hudo (#doyouneedaholeintheground). Harro has created a beautiful place in his food forest. We were welcomed and shown around; nice to see how enthusiastically he talked about the area. There may also have been a deer roaming around. Unfortunately, we did not see it, but that should not spoil the fun because you are surrounded by greenery on all sides. And what could be better than waking up in the morning from an orchestra of birds. You call this enjoyment in its purest form. Do you still have doubts? Take it from me, you won’t regret it

Charlie recommends this campspace

It was very good at Harro’s. He is very hospitable and has a beautiful place. We will go there again!

Arian recommends this campspace

I found the location, host, and atmosphere fantastic. I plan to come back again, while I usually never do this, in the same place. I highly recommend staying with Harro. And tell him what you plan to do in the area, he will provide you with appropriate and fun advice. It is noticeable that Harro gets energy from the enjoyment of his guests

Jan recommends this campspace

I had a great time at Harro’s. A nice and pleasant host and hostess. Great caravan I stayed in and because of Corona private toilet and good shower room that was kept clean by myself. The garden in which the caravan was located was beautiful. Very quiet area and a small village in the immediate vicinity with a local supermarket, a bakery and a butcher. So fully equipped. The immediate area is beautiful for cycling and viewing the dolmen is definitely worth it. You can stay at the campsite with a dog if he is on a leash

Madelon recommends this campspace

We decided to have a short three day holiday at Harro's Campspace. Hosts Harro and Anke are very friendly and welcoming. The garden is wonderful, spacious, and beautifully arranged. The Forest Garden is slowly growing with new vegetation. In the evening and in the early morning you are greeted by a variety of bird songs. And we were lucky enough to be greeted by a nice cat taking a stroll. For walking enthusiasts, we recommend visiting Het Boomkroonpad (different walking distances) and Drouwenerzand. Our stay was wonderful, quiet, and relaxed. Just what we needed

May 2020

Annemieke recommends this campspace

We loved that we were able to stay at De Witte Buizerd, when most other campsites were closed. We enjoy nature, space and campfires and that is what we got. The two hosts are friendly, welcoming and interested. They are growing a beautifully laid out garden/food forest where we pitched our tent. The surrounding area is perfect for cycling (touring and MTB). The site is save for kids. A sand-, mud pit or swing would help keep them entertained.

April 2020

Chris recommends this campspace

What a beautiful quiet place in Drouernerveen deep in Drenthe. Harro received us kindly and immediately showed us the spacious garden and facilities. The green garden, surrounded by tall trees, is sun-drenched and has many intimate areas in the shade for romantic and peaceful enjoyment of the surroundings. Harro said we could pitch our tent anywhere we wanted. We could use the refrigerator and the sanitary facilities and we could also separate the waste there. What a nice place. We will definitely come back here!

May 2020

Arnold recommends this campspace

We stayed here one night with a tent on the bike. We were warmly received and informed about the rules during Corona. We were also shown around the site. What beautiful terrain. We were allowed to put up our tent wherever we wanted. Wonderful to wake up in the morning with those wonderful nature sounds around you. Especially the various species of birds. Highly recommended, we will visit again.

June 2020

Marlies recommends this campspace

It was a great stay last weekend, Harro is very friendly and a good host, he gave us a warm welcome and he showed us a good location due to the bad weather. Furthermore it was a clean and easy place. Also the location is great, we went to Groningen and thé Boomkroonpad, and had diner at 25 graden noord adventure! I would for sure recommend this place and Harro as a host!

July 2020

Ronald recommends this campspace

Super location, very quiet. Friendly reception. No more than a few other campers. You can pick berries, blackberries, etc. on the site. Everything very neat and clean! With camper van it is best to use the back entrance, ask Harro about this.

June 2020

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Shower use
The use of the toilets and the shower is subject to conditions due to the strict requirements of the RIVM.

We therefore ask you to leave the shower clean and disinfected after use.
The necessary material is ready.

We will of course keep the appropriate distance with you, for everyone's safety.

This place has a lot to offer for guests who want to respect nature and others.
Electronic sound carriers do not fit here, but something like a guitar all the more.

Check-in between 2 PM and 10 PM
Check out before 11am

It is of course possible to bring a small dog, we ask a fee of € 5 per dog pn. We ask that you always leash the dog on site and clean up the faeces.

Checking in and out

Check-in between: 2:00 pm   ‐   10:00 pm
Check-out between: 7:00 am   ‐   11:00 am

Price per night
€11.20 for first guest
€11.20 per extra guest
€11.20 per child up to 12 years

You can send up to 5 requests per check-in date

Minimum stay : 1 night , Maximum stay : 30 nights
Total costs: €15.98 (Including €4.78
service charge

4 EUR + 7% of booking value

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