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5.00 (5 reviews) Verified Herfølge, Denmark

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If you want a mini-getaway in natural surroundings, where it should be both easy to stay overnight and easy to get to, then this is the obvious option.

At SKOVSLOTTET is a small nice cabin. Here you can take your partner, family or friends on an overnight stay. There are 3 beds and a large double air mattress can be made so that the cabin can accommodate 5 beds in total.

The cabin is heated with the small cozy tiled stove, where firewood is provided.
Right next to the cottage is a large cozy campfire site, with everything you need to cook over a campfire in the open air, incl. cutting knives, crockery, axes for logging etc.
Clean drinking water is provided every day in dispensers for the guests.

Toilet facilities 100 meters from the cottage.
The cabin is located right by the train line, and 1 km from Herfølge station. The train runs 1-2 times an hour and guests' assessment is that the train does not interfere with their experience despite being close by.
6 km from Køge Centrum, 3 minutes by train to here.
Duvets / sleeping bags can be rented, DKK 50 per person.
Purchase of food / drink can be purchased in advance, so everything is taken care of on arrival, let us know if desired.
We live in our own private house 100 meters from the cottage, so during your stay we share our agricultural plot of 15,000 sqm.

When renting the cabin, fun activities can be purchased, such as guided training, yoga lessons, sauna cosiness, inflatable boat relay and more. Get in touch for more info.

Prices from DKK 600 / pr. Sleepover

Ways to spend the night

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Stay warm & dry 🍂🔥

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    Available for all guests

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This campspace offers

Shared amenities

Food and drink

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Comfort & Fun

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Seating area

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Ways to spend the day

Trine's tips
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    Have your stay tailored with a private tutor or optional activities

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    Get a different experience with a personal atmosphere in a natural environment

In the area
  • Icon Cycling
  • Icon Swimming
  • Icon Canoeing or kayaking
  • Icon Fishing
On the campspace
  • Icon Making a campfire
  • Icon Wellness and sauna

What you can find in the area

Landscape characteristics

  • Icon Lake
  • Icon Urban area
  • Icon Forest

Sustainability practices

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    Self-grown food

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    Solar panels

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    Solar water heater

Your host, Trine

5.00 (5 reviews)



Tell us about your experience
We had a fantastic overnight stay 🌿🪵
Trine is a wonderful host who welcomed us so nicely and the cabin lived up to the descriptions. There was plenty of opportunity to cook over a fire, where there were both pots, pans and grills available, as well as plenty of crockery and different seating areas, so you could move a bit after the sun.
The cabin is really cozy and has plenty of space. We also enjoyed the delicious lake that is located in front of Trine and her family's house.

All in all, a wonderful wonderful experience and we will return to the place 😍

How was the contact with the host?
Trine was so nice and welcomed us and told us about the place and the different options.

Tips for new guests?
Take a trip to this cabin. It is beautiful and you will enjoy it.

August 2022 · Translated from danish

Host Trine has responded

Thank you very much for the visit 🙏🏽 I look forward to welcoming you again one day! Have a great summer!

Translated from danish · show original


Tell us about your experience
We enjoyed the beautiful moments in Herfolge a lot! We slept with our 2 small children (5 months and 2 years) in the cabin. Despite the bad weather, we were still able to enjoy the beautiful outdoor area with campfire options, picnic table, etc.
With nicer weather we would definitely have jumped into their swimming pond :)

Very nice place to stay, with very sympathetic owners! Also well located! We definitely recommend it!

How was the contact with the host?
Trine is a wonderful hostess. We felt completely at home in the beautiful garden of her little family. Also dog Tarzan is part of the experience :) Sweet dog who is sometimes jealous of the food of the guests. In exchange for stolen sausages, we even got freshly picked carrots from the vegetable garden!
Trine is always ready to help, give tips about the area, etc.

Tips for new guests?
Many nice trips are possible from this campspace (Koge, Copenhagen, Roskilde, clear blue lake with chalk cliffs, Mons Klint, Stevens Klint, ... and so much more).
Be sure to enjoy the moments at the campspace!

July 2022 · Translated from dutch

Host Trine has responded

Thank you for the kind words, you are a fantastic and cool family. Nice to meet you! Hope to see you again one day :)
DBH Trine

Translated from danish · show original


Tell us about your experience
Really nice stay in the forest cabin with Trine and her sweet family. We had children with us aged 1.5 and 5 years and the place was also great for them. We would love to come again :)

How was the contact with the host?

July 2022 · Translated from danish

Host Trine has responded

So great to have you all visiting! You touched the heart of my son who asked for you as late as this morning :)
Happy summer to you!

Translated from danish · show original


Tell us about your experience
A great experience to visit this place. The cozy wooden cabin contains everything you need for an overnight stay close to nature.
My 13 year old daughter and I only used the cabin to sleep in. Otherwise, everything was going on outside.
All meals were cooked on the fire and enjoyed on the table-bench set right next door, countless hours were enjoyed rocking in the hammock in the middle of the green, the sunset could be experienced on the first floor from the cottage's small terrace and morning dip in the small lake in front of the landlord's house.
We were awakened by the chirping of birds and the croaking of frogs from the small lake.
We have already decided that we are guaranteed to return to the cabin at Skovslottet.

How was the contact with the host?
From the moment we set foot on the plot, we immediately felt welcome with Trine and her little family. With a tour of the entire site by Trine, we felt in safe hands all weekend. Sweet, welcoming and helpful throughout.
In the days leading up to our overnight stay, Trine contacted us for a more detailed appointment by check-in time, which meant that they knew we were in order.

Tips for new guests?
Treat yourself to a visit to this cottage.

May 2022 · Translated from danish

Host Trine has responded

Great pleasure to have you visit! Already looking forward to a reunion and thank you for the very nice words. Families like you can not get enough of 😊

Translated from danish · show original

Scout Marie About the scout program

Tell us about your experience
The cabin at Skovslottet is a small hidden oasis where you can hide away, while being close to everything you need, both activities and necessities. The cottage is surrounded by beautiful scenery, making the area private, although Trine, who owns the place, lived right behind. You will not only be greeted and warmly welcomed by Trine, but also Tarzan, the very friendly house dog who stole our hearts and tried to steal some snacks while we were cooking.
We cooked over a campfire and there was everything we needed while the sun went down, entertained by Tarzan and ate just before we fired up the sauna stove. Do this well in advance as it will take an hour for it to get hot. Remember to bring a towel.
Although there are plenty of activities not far from the Forest Castle, there was plenty to do in the area, to keep us busy. We spent the evening in the sauna and the morning in the gym, with more than enough equipment for cardio, heavy lifting and yoga.

From the spacious log cabin that seats more than four people, you can enjoy the sunset while dining on the porch or at the table inside and enjoy the warmth of the small oven that heats up the entire cabin. Ask Trine for advice on how much wood to use so you are sure to stay warm all night long. That is if you are not looking at the night sky, for shooting stars and constellations.
There's a train running nearby, but we did not even notice it most of the time, and I believe that the trees planted close to the rails will become a beautiful noise shield.
We had a lovely stay and talked about coming back before we even left.

April 2022 · Translated from danish

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