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HouseOfTheSun's micro camping

Byala Slatina, Враца, Bulgaria
5 persons

About this campspace #s000940

Our humble home is nestled deep in the Bulgarian countryside, on the edge of a traditional village, atop a wooded valley. We are surrounded by nature, forests, lakes, caves and mountains. We try and create a relaxed, friendly home where anyone is welcome, families, solo travellers and pets. The house is cosy, bright, offers great views, and is very quiet. The garden is gently sloping with a flat space for pitching tents and its location affords stunning views over the rolling hills and forest. You will see the odd horse and cart trot by and the shepherd tending his flock. Inspired by travel, for travellers.

We live in a simple, traditional, 'back-water' type Bulgarian village with an ageing population of about 130 people. They live the basic, hard life of tending their gardens, bees, sheep, animals and although they stare at every car that passes, raise your hand in greeting and they melt instantly. The smiles of the locals here are warm, genuine and inquisitive. As mentioned, we have some peaceful nature on the doorstep. From our front gate you can take a walk directly to the lake and into the forest where the only person you are likely to see all day is the Shepherd. In that forest there are 'secret' caves to be found with a little internet detective work and a GPS. I'd you're into wild foods, grab one of our books from the shelf and head out for a huge variety of mushrooms, herbs of all kinds, fruits, nuts and flowers. There are very few facilities in the village so if you plan on cooking your own food, which you are of course more than welcome to do, pass a supermarket in the bigger towns first. Village milk, cheese and honey are especially good and can be purchased from the neighbours.

You'll have free shared access to all areas of the house and garden. We also have gated secure parking available.
Wifi is available and it reaches the tents and hammocks in the garden, hot showers, a kitchen to cook in and fire pit too.
We also have beds in the house for a little more money if you require.

Space for

  • Tents
  • Caravan
  • Tent on site
  • Other (bv: Treehouse, lodge)

Available yes or no

  • Drinking water
  • RV Sanitation
  • Pets allowed
  • Toilet
  • RV Hookup
  • Picnic table
  • Fire/Ring Grill
  • Shower
  • Hot water
  • Electricity
  • Campfire possible
  • Sportsgear
  • Gas (stove)
  • Extra toilet paper :-)

Things to do in the area

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Wildlife watching
  • Snow sports
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Climbing
  • Sightseeing



Us, the house, yourselves, others and nature.

€5.00 per night

Minimum stay : 1 night , Maximum stay : 30 nights
Total costs: €9.35 (Including €4.35 service charge)
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