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Eco-Camping nearby Wad and DarkSky-park Lauwersoog

8 persons

About this campspace #s002221

I have a free country house with a vegetable garden and a large surrounding garden with enough space for a tent. You can lie in the grass, sit under a tree, hammock, or grab the bike and cycle to the mudflats. When you return, you can pick vegetables from the garden or just sit on the square or near the fire pit with a book of guitar etc.

The area is agricultural and has many hiking routes. You can take a walk in the 'Dark Sky Park' in the evening. As soon as it is dark, a world opens up for you. This is because there is hardly any light pollution in this sparsely populated area. You can see the Milky Way, Orion and many other stars. It's so bright, it looks like a 3D starry sky.

Space for

  • Tents
  • Caravan
  • Motorhome

Available yes or no

  • Drinking water
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Pets allowed
  • Campfire possible
  • Picnic table
  • Electricity
  • Gas (stove) / BBW
  • Sportsgear
  • RV Sanitation
  • RV Hookup
  • Hot water

Things to do in the area

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Wind sports
  • Wildlife watching
  • Boating
  • Horseback riding
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Canoeing / Kayaking
  • Sightseeing
  • DarkSkyPark Lauwersoog and islands like Schiermonnikoog, Borkum
  • Lots of real good places to eat

Meet Frits, your host

Welcome to this part of Holland were i live for 38 years now, after travelling to all continents. I work as an eco-contractor, my compagny is called MagicMud, for we do all kinds of Loamplaster. You schare the propety with me and chooks and cats, and friends coming over now and then,making all an dynamic flow every day.
Come and enjoy relax camp(fire)
canou,bike,veggy garden,take walks and sleep under the Milkyway with the lighthouse flashing on the horizon.
Dutch is my native tong, but i allso easely speak Englisch/Deutsch, peu Francais poco Espagnol
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14 reviews

Kaylee recommends this campspace

This was really my favourite camping spot! Frits has a beautiful garden where you can really relax. There were hammocks hanging from the trees where you could sit comfortably and in the front of the house you have the sun until late. Also, the toilet outside is a nice addition and of course super handy. Some other travellers invited me to sit by the campfire in the evening. That made the experience complete! The next day I walked around the meadows and walked a route to a beautiful deserted lake. I was only here for 1 night but I’ll definitely be back to stay longer!

Nieke recommends this campspace

We loved our first Campspace experience! Beautiful garden (orchard!), many different places where you can set up your tent. Despite the fact that it is someone's backyard, you feel like you are in the wilderness. There were other campers as well, but we still had a lot of privacy. I thought it was a really nice environment to discover, for me it was unknown Netherlands because when I go this way, I usually travel to the Wadden, so the Wadden Sea on this side was a discovery! Highly recommended!

Ingo recommends this campspace

Our stay with Frits was absolutely amazing and relaxed. His place is beautiful and perfect for those who look for a peaceful place far away from the busy everyday life. Nature, animals everything in perfect harmony and a great environment to explore around his house.

Paulien recommends this campspace

After a long day at work, my welcome at this campsite couldn't have been better. The host, Frits, was sitting in the sun in front of his cute house. He was kept company by his two cuddly cats and surrounded by the greens of his garden. I got served a nice cup of tea and he showed me around the house and the garden / camp site. In the fruit garden there are several spots under the trees, as well as a place for making a campfire and a hammock. Further in the back, there are some more secluded spots with views over the surrounding fields. In the house, there is a shared kitchen, living room, meditation room bathroom and toilet. For the more adventurous campers there is a toilet in the garden from which you have a view over the farmers field. Frits relaxed attitude made me feel very welcome to use whatever space in the house and garden, which felt really nice. In the evening I took a walk through a tiny forest and sheep fields that are easily accessible from the garden. I’d hear nothing but birds singing and lambs calling their moms. To the same sounds, I woke up the next morning, while I saw the sun rise over the fields. I enjoyed my one-night stay very much and I can’t wait to go back and explore all the nice surroundings this place has to offer (the coast, Noordpolderzeil, the open-air museum, etc.).

jantine recommends this campspace

After a 2 hour drive from Amsterdam we arrived right at the sunset and were welcomed by a peaceful quiet landscape in the middle of Groningen. Frits wasn't there but after a quick phone call he told us where to set up our tent, which is a beautiful private spot near a little pond and overlooking the wide fields. We could use the private bathroom and the kitchen for cooking. In the area there is lots to explore varying from nature to little sleepy towns. The garden right next to our tent is comfy for hammock and bbq nights. Frits is friendly and relaxed, but mostly super hospitable. If you are looking for a place to unwind with privacy, this is the spot to go!

Birgit recommends this campspace

We had a great time with a very relaxed host Frits, who has a super nice Campspace place in Warffum. Received with homemade apple juice and rocked to sleep by the stars and frogs. The next day we had a great day on the mudflats, really enjoyed it!

May 2020

Monique recommends this campspace

We had nice contact with Frits the first evening. Enjoyed its beautiful garden with beautiful spots. Met nice fellow guests and had a nice campfire evening together. Sanitary was good, only a sink was missing. Toilet took some getting used to but was fine. Beautiful area that we thoroughly enjoyed.

June 2020

Maarten recommends this campspace

Last week the two of us stayed in a tent at Frits. We did not see Frits due to a combination of circumstances. But he told us over the phone exactly where everything was and where we could put up our tent. We had a good night and really enjoyed the area. The facilities are good, everything you need is there. We look back on a successful weekend

June 2020

Kaylee recommends this campspace

This was really my favourite camping spot! Frits has a beautiful garden where you can really relax. There were hammocks hanging from the trees where you could sit comfortably and in the front of the house you have the sun until late. Also, the toilet outside is a nice addition and of course super handy. Some other travellers invited me to sit by the campfire in the evening. That made the experience complete! The next day I walked around the meadows and walked a route to a beautiful deserted lake. I was only here for 1 night but I’ll definitely be back to stay longer!

May 2020

Carin recommends this campspace

This was the first time with Campspace, it went well! On arrival, the host was not there, but we are used to camping so he showed us around by phone. We looked for a spot. It is not a real campsite, but a farm with some leftover fields. Also, not everything was in order, but good enough for a few days. That was a bit unfortunate, but otherwise, the place was good. No hot water tap in the bathroom or anything where you can easily wash your dishes. That is also for hygiene reasons because of Corona. We stayed for five nights; it was very busy. There were two families camping there, a camper, and another tent, and some people in the house. That was actually too much in my opinion.

July 2020

Manon recommends this campspace

We enjoyed our stay with Frits. What a beautiful place. Too bad we haven’t seen Frits. The contact over the phone and SMS was very pleasant, so we would have liked a cup of tea with Frits. Bird concerts, frog arias, and cuddle sessions with the two lovely cats. It was all there. The toilet is an experience! We would love to come back again.

June 2020

Leendert-Jan recommends this campspace

It was our first Campspace experience. We find it a very nice concept. Frits has a nice place, where you can nicely stay in your tent. So the camping experience was as expected. It is a bit tricky that there is no sink or something like it, that would make it even better.

June 2020

Alice recommends this campspace

The whole experience was awesome, me and my partner loved staying at Frits place! He is very kind and relaxed host that gave us a lot of privacy and shared all the good of his property. We could light up a beautiful campfire and paddle together on his canoe. The kitties are the sweet touch on his beautiful wood house surrounded by an amazing green yard. After enjoying the day exploring the area around, we could have nice hot shower in a private bathroom and the open toilet is fun thing to remember! Thank you Frits for the hospitality.

June 2020

Chandna recommends this campspace

My first Campspace motorcycle adventure. Stayed one night in Fritz’ backyard. He was not there when I arrived so I received a friendly audio intake. Besides a caravan in front of the house, there was nobody there so I could pick my spot. Chose a secluded space at the edge of the garden, watching over a field. Put up my tent, and made myself a cup of coffee while listening to the birds and the frogs, and every now and then, one of the cats came by to see everything was still okay. At dinner time, Frits came to say hi, we chatted a bit and then he left again. Then I took a nap and around midnight I woke up and just sat outside in the dark with the milky way above me, the wind around me and the sounds of frogs nearby, and I slowly became utter stillness. Really a wonderful experience just sitting there being an empty vessel. Then in the morning, I did my kriya's. I planned to do them in the meditation space which is available, but the temperature was nice so I just did them outside. Then I took a shower, packed my tent. Had a final chat with Frits in the garden and then I left. All in all, I got what I wanted, a quiet place to just sit outside with nature around me and a friendly host who leaves you be.

June 2020

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Respect for the Campspace. Enjoy, relax, discover and have fun.

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