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Benvenuti in our Sicilian citrus orchard!

Castiglione di Sicilia, Sicilia, Italy

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    12 pitches

We have 12 spacious RV spots in our citrus grove overlooking the valley. Our camp space is located in the Natural Park of the Alcantara River. That is why we are limited with facilities. We can somewhat offer you the experience of wild camping! There is a natural water outdoor shower and a sink. No drinking water. No electricity. There are solar lanterns. The camper place is located between orange and lemon trees with a few other fruit trees, such as fig, mulberry, olive, apricot and plum. Feel safe surrounded by the hills covered with Mediterranean vegetation and as soon as night falls under a twinkling starry sky. Because there is no light pollution, it is wonderful stargazing. Enjoying peace and quiet, being connected to nature and feeling free, that's what we stand for!

We ourselves live a few hundred meters away, going down the path. Through a gate in the orchard there you can reach the Alcantara River on foot. Ice-cold meltwater from the snow of volcano Etna flows impressively through hollowed out lava rocks. This is especially visible at the Gole d'Alcantara, a tourist spot a few kilometers away. With us, the river is hardly visited and you bathe in the intimacy of nature. The water meanders here between the trees, past scattered lava rocks and via waterfalls. It is about a 10-minute walk from the camper place; so down the path, through our garden, then through a deserted field, occasionally populated by a herd of cows, to finally arrive at the riverbed. You can go with the flow and find the necessary refreshment during the hot summers. In the winter months, the river transforms into a swirling stream of water. Explore Sicilian rural life from your motorhome. In the respective seasons you can help us or our neighbors with the picking (grapes in September, olives in November, mandarins and lemons in the winter months, apricots at the beginning of May and oranges at the end of May) or by buying products from the vegetable gardens around. For the camper guests we offer small meals of local products accompanied by home-produced wine or fruit juice. You can also use the Wi-Fi connection on our terrace. 2 km away is a bakery with an extensive range of food and drinks; by appointment it also functions as a restaurant. Opposite is a gas station with a bar where you can go for your Italian coffee or a beer. The village of Gaggi is 5 km away; here are supermarkets, a bank with ATM, bars and various shops, as well as pizzerias with delivery service. (They know where to find us!) The nearest beach is (by car) a fifteen minute drive. The picturesque town of Taormina with luxury shops and the Roman-Greek theater about 20 minutes. While Etna-North is an hour away. Sicily is very diverse and has a lot to offer and to see. Tour around with the camper and discover the island in all its facets. Then it is wonderful to arrive or return to our orchard to chill out, or simply as a stopover while traveling through. Benvenuti!

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LENZO's tips
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    Private entrance to secluded beaches of the refreshing Alcantara River

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    Aperitivo time with homemade products (& Wi-Fi connection)

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Sosta Camper MANDALA
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    Slightly bumpy lawn filled with fruit trees.

Sustainability practices

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    Waste separation

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    Self-grown food

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    Food products from locals in the region

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    Solar water heater

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    Organic cleaning products

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    Water-saving measures

Production of organic oranges and lemons and other fruits

Your host, LENZO

We are Lenneke and Vincenzo (respectively Len and Enzo). Lenneke came to Sicily on spec in 2003, after 2.5 years of living and working experience in Tanzania, plus previous experiences abroad. "If you have the whole world at your disposal, why stay in the small Netherlands?" she likes to answer rhetorically. ;-) Seeking adventure is in her blood and freedom is her highest good. She has done all kinds of things in Sicily and has, among other things, been co-owner and founder of a Destination Management Company. She therefore knows the ins and outs of the island, to which she has lost her heart. And not just to the island, to Vincenzo too! He is a born and raised Sicilian, raised in the Sicilian nature from which he draws a lot of knowledge. His expertise lies in the field of citrus fruits. Thanks to him, delicious oranges and lemons grow on the 3 hectares of land that he inherited from his father. He has been taking care of the 3000 trees here since he was 14. We have now realized camper spots between these trees so that more people can experience this valuable piece of earth. The peace, the space, the purity and the light. The light on the surrounding hills and the reflection on the leaves is so intense. As also the fragrance of the blossom in season; the mouth-watering flavors of Sicilian food & drink; the powerful silence and the invigorating meltwater (from volcano Etna) in the Alcantara River. Enjoy this holiday, but also the opportunity to help with, for example, picking olives, grapes and/or oranges. We are happy to provide the party for your senses! Enzo's passion is cooking and Len has a huge fascination for "the Source" and the multidimensional nature of humans. With her artistic background, she creates a 'stage' for spiritual activities here. All our qualities and interests come together here synergistically and we are happy to connect them with our guests. Together we celebrate life! Are you coming too? Siete benvenuti!!


We would like to offer the feeling of freedom in nature, without too many restrictions. However, a few things to keep in mind: *Pets are welcome, but watch out for other animals in the area (dogs, cats, horses, foxes) *Due to forest fire risk and/or damage to the orchard grounds, campfires and barbecues are only available on request . We are happy to organize these at suitable places. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities. *Respect the privacy of the other guests and their peaceful stay. We support the mission of CAMPSPACE: "Reconnect Outside: Reconnect with yourself, with your travel buddies, with the local host and in the great outdoors." So Reconnect with Respect!
*We also respect our guests and guarantee privacy. Although the orchard is for production and therefore a workplace, we take it into account as much as possible not to disturb and likewise arrange the work with full integrity.

Cancellation Policy

Guests who cancel at least 30 days before check-in date will receive a refund of the amount paid by them (excl. Campspace fees). If they cancel between 14 and 30 days before check-in, they will receive a 50% refund. Otherwise they will not be refunded.

Checking in and out

Check-in between: 11:30 am–8:00 pm
Check-out between: 7:00 am–11:30 am

Sosta Camper MANDALA

Arrival allowed on: Monday to Sunday
Departure allowed on: Monday to Sunday

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Sosta Camper MANDALA

Tent Van Motorhome
Max. people

MANDALA, a relaxing camper place of approximately 2000m2 in a Sicilian orchard with a view of the Alcantara valley and the pleasure of a natural water outdoor shower. Between the orange, lemon and olive trees, ample parking space has been created for up to 12 campers. Choose your own space!

Minimum number of nights: 1
Maximum number of nights: 30
Child price applies from this age: 1
Children's price up to this age: 18
Arrival allowed on: Monday to Sunday
Departure allowed on: Monday to Sunday
Minimum number of days that can be booked in advance: 4
Maximum number of days that can be booked in advance: 200

from € 10.00 per night

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