Camper rentals?

You know that feeling... For years you have been dreaming of a trip by camper or caravan. However, you don't have one so you are looking for a reliable camper rental. 

Luckily, our friends from Camptoo came up with something brilliant: they offer the possibility for owners or travellers to rent out or hire campers. Now people can travel all over Europe and exchange their beloved camper or caravan.  

Are you specifically looking for a certain camper or caravan? Or do you just want something cheap? Or perhaps travel with your dog? Or imagine yourself cruising a Volkswagen van along dusty beach roads? Camptoo has all the options! 

It's super easy to book; in 3 steps only! You can choose from the biggest and most diverse camper offer in the Netherlands. Besides, they offer handy road trip maps. 

Worried about insurance? Don't! If something happens to your camper on the way, they are available to help 24/7. Also, they arrange a substitute camper in case of an emergency. 

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