Winteractive camping!

New year's resolutions? But do you finally want to do them? Then you are on the right page. Find your perfect winteractive Campspace.

Enjoy the outdoors, be active, far away from all daily stress. Go completely back to the basics and become one with nature. That is the basis of an adventurous holiday. Set up your tent in the middle of a meadow and wake up to a curious cow sniffing your tent or be surprised by the animals that roam around on a camping spot in the middle of the forest. You can of course also go for a more luxurious accommodation, so that you can pay more attention to your activities and less on how you are going to set up your tent.

The hosts of these mini campsites have a whole bunch of activities waiting for you to discover. Rent a mountain bike and explore nature. Or walk a bit, often you see more than you would think. At campsites there is also a lot of water available, if it suddenly is a very nice day or a very cold day, you can often experience the best things here. Enjoy ice skating, risky paddleboarding, (ice) fishing or just walk on it.

Benefits Winter activities

Walking already brings many benefits, it has been proven to relax, for example it lowers your blood pressure. It also immediately improves your sleep when you are camping. You would hardly say it, but walking you produce serotonin, which ensures a good mood. Even more reason to go outside and take a walk during your camping stay.

Especially when it is beautiful snowy and white outside, a walk is highly recommended. It is not only beautiful in the colder months of the year, it also helps with the burning of extra calories that you can possibly replenish afterwards with a winter BBQ. Active camping in the winter also gives a feeling of uniqueness and extra rust. Do you want to be a little "crazy"? But if you have tried it once, you will notice that it is not so bad, but super fun!

Relax after a day of activities

After a tiring day filled with fun activities, just take it easy. Reminisce about the afternoon on your garden chair surrounded by nature. With a twilight of the sun setting through the trees. Take an evening walk on the meadow, through the forest or along the water, with the mist surrounding you. It almost feels magical.

Are you looking for more peace and quiet and something romantic? Then there are also places that offer a lot of peace and quiet. Or nice romantic. Take your dog with you to one of the pet-friendly campsites.

Find your sustainable getaway

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