Winter proof accommodations

Wintercamping in a luxurious accommodation is a feeling like no other. Cozy together with your partner or family in a wooden cabin with a fire stove. In the middle of snow-white nature.

Improve the bond with your partner, family, or yourself and relax in one of these luxurious warm glamping spots. From small cozy huts, to cozying together in a gypsy wagon. This experience can be very special, especially in the cold months. Give it a try and discover how nice it can be.

No heavy bags, all you need are warm clothes. The rest is up to you. Whether you want to make a romantic dinner, play a board game or bring the dog. Everything to have a nice weekend or week away from the hustle and bustle during the cold winter months. Rediscover nature in a new way. 

Wintercamping Tips 

Winter camping in the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany is of course still a nice challenge when you step out the door. So, before you leave: we have listed some tips for your winter camping holiday. 

  • Bring a warm blanket to make it even cosier than it already is
  • Cooking on a fire is fun and delicious, so bring your supplies. You can of course also bring everything for S'mores
  • For a warm night's sleep you can bring an electric blanket or just lie close together
  • You can also take your grandma's woollen socks out of the closet for extra warmth.
  • Each of these campspaces has a heating, a place for a fire, or a lovely stove. So that you don't get too cold and can enjoy your holiday.

Are you ready for your Winter adventure? Find your warm luxury accommodation here and book now!

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