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Winter Camping

Winter Camping

Looking for places to go winter camping? Below are a list of campspaces you can enjoy in the cosy season!

Winter Camping

Winter camping 

Many people and even campers underestimate the potential and loveliness of winter camping. There’s no question that everyone enjoys a sunny and warm day to go camping to enjoy grilling outside. However, everything has it’s a advantages and disadvantages! 

When you go winter camping, you truly appreciate the cosiness even more because you create the mood. You appreciate a warm fireplace, the warm lighting in the cabin, and the company you’re with to warm up your environment! 

In addition, winter camping doesn’t necessarily mean no sun! Winter has its beautiful days when the sun is shining, but the air is just crisp. As the Norwegian saying goes, there’s not such thing as bad weather, only poor clothing! So put on your favourite jumper that makes you feel bundled up and warm, and throw on a good insulating outer layer.

Winter camping activities

Furthermore, what is winter camping without enjoying the perks of outdoor activities you can only do during the winter! As lakes or rivers freeze over, and there’s a white blanket of snow everywhere, everyone should enjoy a day of ice skating, ice fishing, or snowball fights! 

It always feels good to go out for a hike in nature and to come back inside or warm up by the fireplace. Check out our easy camping meal dinner ideas for inspiration! Grill some marshmallows or bake chocolate stuffed bananas, which are perfect if you're camping with kids as well. 

You can also go skiing in the hills or mountains, sledding or create your own snow art! From snow angels, to building your own igloo or sculpting a snowman, you can do so much!

Winter camping Tips 

Winter camping in the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany is of course still a nice challenge when you step out the door. So, before you leave: we have listed some tips for your winter camping holiday. 

  • Bring a warm blanket to make it even cosier than it already is
  • Cooking on a fire is fun and delicious, so bring your supplies. You can of course also bring everything for S'mores
  • For a warm night's sleep, you can bring an electric blanket or just lie close together
  • You can also take your grandma's woollen socks out of the closet for extra warmth.
  • Each of these campspaces has a heating, a place for a fire, or a lovely stove. So that you don't get too cold and can enjoy your holiday.

Are you ready for your Winter adventure? Don’t wait! Book your winter adventure now! 

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