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Why should I pay and communicate through Campspace directly?

Paying directly through Campspace has a number of good reasons, first and foremost protecting you.

Always pay and communicate through Campspace directly

Paying and communicating through Campspace helps ensure that you’re protected under our Terms and conditions, Cancellation policy, policies and the Campspace Host Security Plan.

It also makes it easy to find and reference important reservation details, such as a listing's address, check-in details, and other useful information. We can’t provide these benefits if your reservation isn’t booked and paid for directly through Campspace. It is therefore not allowed to share data, such as external links, social media accounts, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or other data that facilitate communication or payments outside the platform via the Campspace website.

Paying or communicating outside of Campspace also makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues, such as phishing. This is when people create false accounts or websites with the aim of stealing personal information, such as your password or account number. It's called phishing or spoofing. Are you doubting whether a message really comes from Campspace? Send an email directly to

Report suspicious messages

Never pay for your reservation outside Campspace. If someone asks you to pay for a reservation outside our on-site payment system - or you think someone might be sending you links to a fake Campspace site - tell us about it as soon as possible

If you didn't pay through Campspace (e.g. a wire or bank transfer), you may have paid for fraudulent reservations or a fake Campspace. Let us know immediately

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