Top 10 Tinkering -Devices & Furniture

Nowadays, we often hear the term ‘’tinkering’’ and we are wondering what it may mean. ‘’Tinkering’’ is strictly defined as making small changes to something, especially in an attempt to repair or improve it. Simply,’’ tinkering’’ means as one who enjoys experimenting with and repairing machine parts. Tinkering as an activity is related to home, when people try to repair house stuff like machine parts, devices that do not function properly or any other object that is connected with crafting. 

These difficult times of  CoronaVirus (Covid19) that we are all experiencing, led us to go back to a simple way of life. For example, people now have free time to spend quality moments with their families, watching movies, reading books, cleaning the house, cooking. All these activities are really good and procreative of course for everyone. It was a good time to restart a more healthy and efficient living. But what about after the first 10 days that we already did four times each one of these activities? People need to think more creative ideas in order not to be bored easily and feel productive.

Fortunately, the CoronaVirus period can give the opportunity to people to start new activities and continue them maybe as hobbies when all this situation finishes. Tinkering is a main activity which can be very useful for all ages to maintain their mental state in a good level and improve their mood.

Hereby there are some activities that are suggested and hope that will be helpful for them. You can always check Youtube or a handy Website.

  1. Repairing old devices: The repair of device could mean everything, like a washing machine, coffee machine, an old TV, computer, a remote control.

  2. Repairing antiques, like a car or wooden chest.

  3. Repairing old furniture as sofas, armchairs, tables, shelves.

  4. Repairing music instruments and why not to start use them again.

  5. Repairing a room/object by adding more colour and painting it.

  6. Sewing repair. Always a good idea to repair some of our clothes that we never had time or maybe to repair completely old ones and create new vintage pieces.

  7. Repairing an object or clothing and combining with other ingredients create a new one. For example, a curtain that we do not need anymore could be transformed with repair to a new sofa cover.

  8. Repairing wooden boxes that we do not need anymore and make new decoration boxes for storage space or our jewelry.

  9. Repairing old jewelry and transform them to new creative editions.

  10. Repairing a photo album and create a new collage for the house wall.

I hope these tips help you to stay productive!