The whole space to yourself

Looking for some peace and quietness? Away from all the traffic, people and every day life? Then these campspaces are for you. Here you don't have to share the space with anyone else but the host.

Do you want all the space for yourself and maybe someone else? Are you looking for a very private and secluded camping spot? Then the above nature camping spots are exactly what you are looking for. Deep in nature, in the safe private area of ​​one of our hosts. Surround yourself with trees, mountains, water or even animals and unwind at these camping spots with lots of space.

Back to basic camping

At these camping pitches you have so much space that it sometimes almost feels like you are not staying overnight in a private area. It almost seems like you are camping in the wild. You can come to yourself or make it romantic. There is hardly anyone to hear you, no one to see you. It is you, your fellow traveler and nature. So much to discover, so much to do. There is a lot you can think of to do, but to help you get started, we have listed a number of activities for you.

  • Have a nice picnic! Bring some tasty sandwiches and enjoy!
  • Make a campfire, provide warmth in the night and it is also just very cozy.
  • Spot wildlife. There is so much space, chances are you can find some small animals.
  • Check Google maps or ask your host for fun activities in the area. For example, go survival or visit a nature reserve.

Whatever space you are looking for, Campspace tries to offer you the best camping spots. So that you can go away for a weekend close to you to escape the daily stress.

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