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The corona virus forces us to look at new forms of tourism

Close to home, but still far away

February 23, 2020

TRAVEL INNOVATION – Where coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently shaking the very foundation of the flight and travel worlds, the Dutch start-up Campspace sees room for new camping. “With traditional mass tourism threatened by COVID-19, the world is calling for new ways to take vacation. Campspace makes it easy to rediscover the wonders of the outdoors which are just around the corner from home.” says Hugo van Donselaar, CEO of the camper start-up. 

Close to home, but still far away
To go on vacation is a vital necessity for many. The online platform Campspace offers camping adventures on the private land of locals. ‘The new camping’ hosts offer their garden, their land, or any other outdoor location, “To go on holiday with tens of thousands of tourists in Barcelona, Amsterdam, or Venice is unhealthy in every way", says Van Donselaar. 

On the way to the European top
Campspace took over UK-based Camp in my Garden in 2018. By the end of 2019, Campspace also acquired Belgian-based Camp. Assisted by these acquisitions, Campspace has a presence throughout Europe. With the pan-European company focus, Campspace is already going global, with hundreds of active hosts outside of Europe.

A Campspace for everyone within 30 minutes
The ambition of the camper platform is to be able to offer a Campspace to everyone with a maximum travel time of 30 minutes. In this way, Campspace wants to encourage people to discover their own surroundings rather than flying to far away destinations.

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